Pasmo card   パスモカード

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Th rechargeable Pasmo card works in a similar way to the Oyster card in London.

Suica and Pasmo cards

To use your Pasmo, simply touch it to the blue "IC" reader.

Practical travel!

Learn how to use Pasmo, the card that can do everything (transport, shopping...) to travel smart in Japan!

Pasmo is a travel card that can be topped up as you need it, developed by the Japanese company Pasmo, which has been on the Japanese market since 2007.

This card was developed on the same model as the Suica travel card, dedicated to the JR railway company lines, but to be used on the networks of other Tokyo transport companies.

Like Suica, the Pasmo card serves as a digital wallet, to pay for purchases in an increasingly large number of stores in Japan.


Pasmo can be used in a multitude of everyday situations to:

  • pay for public transport
  • take a taxi
  • make purchases at a convenience store
  • pay at vending machines
  • use luggage lockers

In short, Pasmo saves you from queuing at busy metro ticket offices or from searching for change at the bottom of your travel bag in front of a vending machine or luggage locker!


The Pasmo card can not only be used in Tokyo, but also in a growing number of other cities and tourist centers such as Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto...

The difference in use between the Pasmo and Suica cards is very small, but keep in mind that the Suica card is very popular in Tokyo and the Kanto region, while the Pasmo card is more common in the west of the country, in the Kansai region.

Point of purchase

The Pasmo card can be bought directly at Narita or Haneda airports in Tokyo, and at Kansai Airport in Osaka.

Otherwise, the Pasmo can be obtained directly from automatic ticket machines in Japanese metro stations. The list of main points of purchase is available online.

New User

To acquire your Pasmo card, go to an automatic metro ticket machine:
  1. press the guidance button
  2. press the Pasmo button
  3. choose "purchase new Pasmo"
  4. Insert the amount of your choice (the initial credit you want on your card)

A card for everything?

The Pasmo card has two disadvantages: it does not (yet) allow you to make credit-based purchases, or buy a shinkansen ticket.

But armed with a Visa card and a JR Pass, that shouldn't be a problem for traveling in Japan!

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