The best museums to visit with children in Japan   子どもと巡るベストな博物館

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Totoro welcomes you at the entrance of the Ghibli museum

Totoro greets you at the entrance to the Ghibli Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Museum

Trains from different eras in the Museum

Trains from different eras are in the Kyoto Railway Museum

The Nagoya Science Museum Planetarium

Where learning can be fun

Don't "drag" your unwilling children around any more museums! Here is our selection of places that will delight both young and old, with links to learn more.

Miraikan, the museum of science and innovation in Tokyo

In Tokyo

The capital has some great places for children, who can learn while having fun in many of its museums.

  • The Edo-Tokyo Museum

You can cross a full-size bridge, admire the buildings of old Tokyo (called Edo until 1868) or see scenes of life at that time. It is also possible to participate as a family in various activities.

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  • Miraikan: The Museum of Science and Innovation

From the age of 4 your toddlers will be able to experiment and participate in all kinds of activities in a space specially designed for them, the Kids Zone. For those with babies, the Baby's Cafe is recommended. You will find two rooms to rest with your family, and everything to take care of your baby. Located on Odaiba, an artificial island, a paradise for children.

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Studio Ghibli Museum

  • The Museum of Marine Science (Funeno-Kagakukan)

Located in Tokyo Bay, the Maritime Science Museum is dedicated to the sea and navigation. Here too, your children will have fun thanks to the many interactive animations on offer. You can even try your hand at remotely controlled boats.

  • Tokyo Toy Museum

With 70,000 toys and games from more than 100 countries, it's the perfect place to visit on a rainy day! Here, you can play through a wide variety of interactive games or participate in workshops on games manufacturing.

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  • The Ghibli Museum

Fans of animation master Hayao Miyasaki are welcomed to this museum by Totoro himself! The museum will transport the whole family into the magical world of Ghibli Studios. The little ones will be happy to board the "cat bus", straight out of "My Neighbor Totoro".

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In Hakone 

  • Chokoku no mori: the open air museum of Hakone

Your little ones will be able to run through lawns strewn with sculptures, climb up the spiral staircase of the multicolored tower or even have fun in the playgrounds reserved for them. A place that delights young and old, with a breath of fresh air as a bonus!

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In Nagoya

  •  Nagoya Science Museum
This is the largest museum of its kind in Japan, covering the fields of science and technology, life sciences and astronomy. Young and old will be fascinated by the incredible sight of the giant planetarium.

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In Kyoto 

If your little ones or teens begin to grumble when visiting the umpteenth temple of the trip, promise them a treat with:

  • The International Manga Museum
The only museum in the world entirely dedicated to the art of manga. Even without being a fan of this popular art style, you can appreciate this museum for the richness of its collection, its detailed presentation of the history of manga, as well as its workshops and various activities on offer.

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The International Manga Museum, Kyoto

Kyoto Railway Museum

  • The Kyoto Railway Museum

With 31,000 m² of exhibition space, this is the largest railway museum in Japan. Young and old can play at being a train driver (and even put on official uniforms) with the driving simulators. You can also make short trips in steam trains.

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In Hiroshima

  • The Children's Museum

This museum offers many fun and informative interactive activities. There is also a planetarium.

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