Low cost Tokyo   安い東京

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The gyudon of Yoshinoya.

100 yen shop

A 100 yen shop in Sugamo.

The Avenue shopping Ameya Yokocho Ueno many small restaurasst and izakaya.

The shopping street Ameya Yokocho in Ueno has many small restaurants and izakaya.

Manga coffee Manboo

The entrance to a manga cafe, Manboo Cafe.

Economic capital

Is the Japanese capital over priced? Not really - in Tokyo, you can do everything without breaking the bank... provided you know where to go.

Cheap feast

If prices in restaurants and supermarkets give you vertigo, some chains in the capital offer something to satisfy your appetite at a lower cost.

Fast, efficient, cheap: these are the watchwords of Sukiya, Yoshinoya and Matsuya restaurants. These chains found on every Tokyo street corner, invite you to enjoy Japanese curry, gyudon (rice and beef based dish), katsudon (hot rice topped with a breaded pork cutlet) and more... at all hours of the day, and for less than 500 yen!

Economical shopping 

On a tight budget? Go to the 100 yen shop. Created in the early 90s to overcome the crisis that followed the bursting of the speculative bubble, the success of these stores has not declined. For 100 yen (+ tax), there is food, souvenirs, clothes, gadgets... The four floors of the 100 yen shop Daiso in Harajuku lets you shop very economically!

Nakamise shopping street in Asakusa and Ameya Yokocho in Ueno also offer cost-effective solutions for tight budgets. Long and easy to access, they are full of all kinds of small souvenirs.

When night comes

If small spaces do not frighten you, a capsule hotel may be the solution to avoid a night under the stars. Often reserved for men, these spartan places offer minimum comfort for only 2000 to 4000円 per night from Akihabara to Asakusa .

Opened 24 hours a day, manga cafes - manga kissa, attract many young people looking for a "box" to sleep in. At 400円 per hour, the Manboo Cafe chain offers showers and futons.

And for the smallest budgets, camping can prove to be a good option!

Simple pleasures

Between parks , shrines, temples, festivals... free activities abound in the Japanese capital. No need to pay anything to walk in Higashi-gyoen garden, visit Meiji-Jingu Shrine or climb to the top of the town hall. For curious visitors, the Police, Suginami and Toei Animation museums are also free, as is the famous Ueno Zoo. NOTE: The zoo is only free on March 20th and May 4th. 

But when evening comes, you may want to relax with a drink. In karaoke rooms, bars, and clubs, there is a practice called nomihodai (飲み放題). This all you can drink offer is an excellent alternative to breaking the bank.

The izakaya Sumire in Shibuya makes it possible to go out without spending too much, by offering nama biru, draft beer, for just 120 yen!

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