Travel by night bus   夜行バスでの移動

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Highway area filled with night buses to get to Tokyo

Highway area filled with night buses to get to Tokyo

Travel smart and everywhere!

Since the disappearance of the last night trains in Japan, buses have taken up all the place in this sector of long-distance passenger transport. It was mainly students who initially acclaimed this system because it was economical and saved time to move from one city to another. Today everyone uses it.

The advantages of the night bus are many

The main thing is that it is cheaper than the shinkansen or plane. There is no change, no complicated procedures, luggage registration. You can be active when you arrive at your destination in the morning. You always arrive in the city center or at a specific destination ( Tôkyô Disneyland , ski resort, Ôsaka Universal Studio , ...). The night bus system has grown enormously since the deregulation of the long distance bus market in 2002.

Let's take an example

Most notable is the new BASTA Shinjuku bus terminal in Tokyo. You now have a choice between 207 destinations every day ! 1 600 departures and arrivals for more than 24 000 daily users on average. To make the connection between Tokyo and Osaka, the biggest traffic in Japan. The price of call is from 2000 yen (less than 20 €). The bus departs from Shinjuku at 10:30 pm to arrive at destination at 7:00 am. You must have a reservation. The price changes according to the desired level of comfort. A wider seat with the possibility to tilt it very strongly and a separation curtain from the neighbor. Services like toilets, electrical outlets, wifi and accessories provided (blanket, slippers, sleep mask) are offered.

And some precautions

When you have chosen to take a night bus, plan to arrive early, you can board 10 minutes before the departure time. But beware the bus always leaves on time and does not expect anyone even if you have booked ! It is advisable to buy a drink for the ride. You can eat in your place, but without disturbing the sleeping neighbor. Buses run mostly on the motorway, with stops every 2-3 hours for a 20-minute break. The highway service areas in Japan are very clean and well equipped. The vending machines for drinks, konbini are open 24 hours a day for small snacksYou can travel with a suitcase, which will be deposited in the hold, but it must not be too large, less than one meter (length + width + height: - 1 meter). Otherwise, use the TA-Q-BIN system .

Luxury Travel

Since the beginning of the year 2017 was launched the Dream Sleeper, a luxury night bus, to be good as at the hotel but by moving. The first link is between Ikebukuro in Tokyo and Namba in Osaka. For 20 000 yen you have a completely individual room with a door. An electric reclining seat using NASA's zero-gravitational system. In addition to providing a Hi-Fi headset for listening to music, toothbrush, towel, sleeping mask, ear plugs, a bottle of water and even an air purifier. There is also a table for working with USB socket. Access is prohibited in shoes. Good night the little ones !

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