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Every year on the last weekend of July, stands the gigantic fireworks celebration Sumida.

Sumida Festival

The Sumida Festival illuminates the Tokyo sky. Big summer event in the capital, the fireworks over the Sumida River are held on the last weekend of July.

Each year, the Sanja Matsuri draws a huge crowd in the Sensôju, the temple of Asakusa.

Sanja Matsuri

The most popular festival in Tokyo, the Sanja Matsuri brings together a mixed crowd looking for fun.

Each district Kawagoe manufactures its own tank to challenge others in the course of Kawagoe Matsuri.

Kawagoe Matsuri

Thirty minutes by train seperate Kawagoe from central Tokyo. That is nothing when it comes to discovering its amazing festival, which is held every third weekend of October.

The twenty thousand lights that illuminate the Yasukuni Jinja in Tokyo to give their name Mitama Matsuri festival lanterns.

Mitama Matsuri

The sun has set, and the sweltering heat of the Japanese summer has subsided. Yasukuni Shrine lights up. The Mitama Matsuri begins...

The first edition of the Tokyo Motor Show was held in 1954.

Tokyo Motor Show

In addition to numerous concept cars of Japanese brands, the International Exhibition of Tokyo Motor Show presents the latest innovations in eco-driving and respect for the environment.

Fireworks Edogawa and Ichikawa are among the most spectacular of Japan.

Edogawa and Ichikawa Fireworks

Fireworks in eastern Tokyo, Edogawa / Ichikawa dazzle crowds every year.

Parades Batukada (drums) rhythm Asakusa Samba festival in the Tokyo.

Asakusa Samba Carnival

In the Asakusa area, the summer leaves to a samba tune.

With the Sumida Matsuri, rockets Bay compete for the title of most impressive fireworks Tokyo fire.

Fireworks over the Bay

A profusion of color in the sky. Building windows shimmering with lights.The fireworks of Tokyo Bay seem to emerge from a dream.

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