Ascent of Mount Fuji   富士登山

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Mount Fuji

The steps leading to the top of Mount Fuji.

Open season!

From July 1st to September 14th, the most famous mountain in Japan is open to visitors. A moment awaited every year with great anticipation by mountain climbers.

July 1st is the start of the climbing season for Mount Fuji. This annual event attracts thousands of hikers in search of incredible panoramas or just a little freshness. But with the inclusion in 2013 of the 3776 meter high mountain in the World Heritage of Unesco, years to come will be even more crowded.

To preserve the beauty of the site, authorities now invite climbers to pay a sum of 1000 yen from the 5th station. A right to walk is not obligatory but helps with maintaining the mountain.

At Hakone in Kawaguchiko, the areas around Mt. Fuji have much to offer as well. After your excursion to the summit, enjoy the charms of the five lakes.

The official website for the ascent of Mount Fuji gives you all the necessary information for the mountainous journey.

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