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New feature to the application for NAVITIME Japan Travel: locating hotpspots free WiFi.

Using the app on an iPhone NAVITIME.

Wireless Travel

Among the useful apps to download before a trip to Japan, NAVITIME for Japan Travel promises to be essential: it allows offline location of free wifi networks throughout Japan.

Available for free since February 2014 on Google Play and in the App Store (in English only) NAVITIME can be used in two ways: by geolocation (Search around me: the app locates you and offers free wifi spots in order of proximity) or search by area (enter the name of a place or subway station, and the app shows you spots available).

Small problem: the hotspots offered by NAVITIME do not give direct access. They belong to Freespot and Starbucks Networks (10,000 and 1,000 spots respectively) and an entry by email (free) is required before use.

Plus: foreign tourists visiting the East (Niigata, Nagano, Kanagawa ...) have free access to the wireless network of NTT East for two weeks. Attention: you must obtain an ID before your trip on the NTT East site.

And do not forget that in addition to this new feature of locating wifi hotspots, the app NAVITIME Japan Travel is useful for many other things. It acts as a GPS, you can check what public transport will get you to your next location, it suggests metro lines, and offers places to visit in Tokyo.

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