New services at Narita Airport   関空の新サービス

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Less waiting

In order to reduce waiting time at the airport, Narita has devised several new ways to help ease the strain of massive tourist arrivals to Japan.

In preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games, Japan is getting ready to welcome a large number of tourists: its airports are the first to be optimized to offer faster service.

Introducing "Bio cart" machines

Bio cart machines are mobile units capable of registering fingerprints and taking photos, mandatory identification procedures for the prevention of terrorism in Japan.

The airport has installed 75 of these machines between terminals 1 and 2, which should reduce the waiting time from 20 to 30 minutes during peak periods. 11 other domestic airports will use the same equipment by 2020.

Individual baggage deposits

Other machines have also been installed in Narita: self-service drop-off baggage machines. They should help waiting time to drop from 20 minutes to just 2-3 minutes! The machines are available for passengers on international flights only.

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