Ramen at Haneda   羽田大勝軒

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Of Tsukemen

Taishoken specialises in tsukemen, ramen noodles dipped in broth as you eat, rather than served in broth.

Food before you fly

Who said airport restaurants were always bad? 

Tired of tasteless meals served on airplanes, or do you just want to eat a typical Japanese dish one last time before you leave? The ramen restaurant now open at Haneda Airport can solve both of these problems, serving simple, traditional and tasty food to hungry travellers.

Taishoken (大勝軒) is a well-known ramen chain in Japan, located in Tokyo (mainly in the Ikebukuro area), which owes part of its fame to the invention of tsukemen, ramen noodles that you eat by dipping them in a separately served broth.

Their raadon, mixing ramen and rice is also worth a try. As for the price, it's quite reasonable since it is possible to eat there for about 900円.

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