Shiki Oriori: a new animated film   『詩季織々』

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An image of Shanghai from the new film 'Shiki Oriori'

3 cities, 3 stories

After taking inspiration from Tokyo and Gifu in the hit animated movie "Your Name", CoMix Wave Films has chosen China for its upcoming feature, set for a summer 2018 release.

After the worldwide success of Your Name, which has become the most lucrative anime of all time and has won multiple awards since its release, CoMix Wave Films studio have just released a trailer for their latest animated film: Shiki Oriori (Flavors of Youth).

International collaboration

The three stories that make up the film will not be showing the beautiful landscapes of Japan this time, but three Chinese cities: Hunan, Guangzhou and Shanghai. For the first time, the studio is collaborating with a Shanghai-based Chinese counterpart, Haoliners studio. Two of the three stories are directed by Chinese people.

While the film will at first only be available on a streaming service in China, it will be broadcast in Japanese theaters this summer. We hope to see it screened overseas a few months after its initial release.

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Food, clothing and shelter

Each storyline deals with a different theme, but the film focuses primarily on the feelings of nostalgia, youth and remembrance.

  • Hidamari no Choshoku (Sunny Breakfast) tells the story of a young man working in Beijing who recalls the childhood he spent in his hometown with his grandmother, until he learns that she is very sick.
  • Chiisana Fashion Show exposes a quarrel between two orphan sisters. One of them wants to become a model, the other pursues further studies, and a gap is created between them.
  • Shanghai Koi (Shanghai Love) tells of a love story in the Shanghai of the 1990s. A young man is in love with his longtime childhood friend, but never confessed his feelings. After reaching adulthood they both moved away, until an event brings them back together...

Watch the trailer below:

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