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Rent one of our houses or apartments in Japan, for great value option and an authentic experience for your trip to Japan.

Our accommodations in Japan are located in four major cities, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Takayama and Kyoto. All of our vacation rentals are equipped "Japanese style" and furnished with care. Thus, our houses and apartments for rent in Japan offer you all the modern comforts in an often traditional decor for an authentic, economical, unforgettable and serene stay.

Ideal for trips with friends or family, choosing a house offers advantages such as more space and privacy to settle in and feel at home, but also to enjoy all the extra amenities. It is also an attractive option for its low cost but also for long term stays.


Discover the real Japan and make your trip to Japan unforgettable.

5 reasons to rent a house in Japan

Why rent a house or apartment in Kyoto or Tokyo rather than staying in a hotel or airbnb? What are the advantages? Is it easy when you don't speak Japanese? Read on and don't hesitate!

  1. The cheapest accommodation - Starting at 80 euros per day, renting a house or an apartment is much cheaper than many Japanese hotels.
  2. Japanese-style living in a traditional house - With rooms with futons, typical bathrooms and tatami mats, our rentals offer you the best comfort available.
  3. A safe stay thanks to the Travel Angels - A travel angel welcomes you upon your arrival. He or she will show you around your home, its neighborhood and offer you assistance throughout your stay.
  4. To discover Kyoto and Tokyo at your own pace - Each house or apartment has been chosen for the quality of its location (transportation, shops, temples...) and to facilitate your vacation.
  5. Ideal for group travel - Some of our houses can accommodate up to 8 people, making them ideal for family or friend travel.

If you want to rent our house for one month or more mainly in Kyoto, we can make you offers. Please feel free to contact this email address: for more details.


Rent a house in Tokyo

Experience an authentic stay in the city and rent a house in Tokyo. Our comfortable accommodations in Tokyo are all centrally located in the Ikebukuro district, close to Shinjuku and Tokyo Tower.

We have many comfortable houses and apartments in Tokyo to choose from; they make an ideal base to discover the city at your own pace.

Tokyo skyline in the evening.

© Louie Martinez, Unsplash

Rent a house in Kyoto

Rent a house in Kyoto and experience the city, by living like a local. We have many houses and apartments in Kyoto in great locations throughout the city; the famous traditional entertainment area of Gion and Philosopher’s Path, a pretty and serene spot, popular with the locals.

Our simple and comfortable accommodations in Kyoto have everything that you need for your trip and are a perfect base for your stay. Immerse yourself and experience the real Kyoto.

Torii tunnel of Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

© David Emrich, Unsplash

Rent a house in Kanazawa

Discover the wonders of Ishikawa Prefecture and rent a house in Kanazawa. Our traditional and cozy accommodations in Kanazawa are located in different areas of the city, which are steeped in tradition.

They are the perfect base for your visit to Kanazawa whether for a few days or weeks.

Pond with bridges over in a garden in Kanazawa

© Vladimir Haltakov, Unsplash

Rent a house in Takayama

Our rental homes in Takayama offer an ideal home base in the Japanese Alps. With our rental houses in Takayama you can also easily visit the Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama, one of Japan's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

These Takayama accommodations allow you to explore the city and Gifu Prefecture in peace.

Shirakawa-go village in Gifu prefecture

© Rap Dela Rea, Unsplash

Our Travel Angels welcome you !

  • Have both freedom and security

Your Travel Angel, a French or English speaking native living in Japan "guardian angel," welcomes you to your home and introduces you to all the key points of the city.

Contactable by phone and email throughout your stay to assist and provide information, they will allow you to discover Japan safely.

  • More than a trip

Your Travel Angel, chosen for his/her friendliness, cultural knowledge and helpfulness, will assist you to better enjoy your stay.

By introducing you to the local customs and sending you to the best places, she helps you have a unique experience of daily life in Japan, total immersion.

Our Travel Angels in Japan

Read more: // Travel Angels

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Rent a house in Japan

Ikebukuro, Tokyo

  • 44m
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Ikebukuro, Tokyo

  • 44m
  • 4 personen
  • WIFI