House Angels at your service

  • Have both freedom and security

The House Angel will help you organise your arrival and show you all the details of your traditional Japanese house. 

  • More than a trip

The House Angel has been living in the town where your house is located for several months or even years, and sometimes even in your own neighbourhood. They will give you all the best addresses, places to visit and transportation in the town.
Whether French or English-speaking, fluent in Japanese, chosen for their kindness and culture, the House Angels, they help you have a unique experience of daily life in Japan, total immersion.



The role of House Angels 

Check-in and check-out


  • They give you advice by email to arrange your arrival

They give you advice by email to help you organise your arrival
Three weeks before your arrival in the house, you will receive an email detailing all the practical advice you need to know to get to the house. This email includes the contact details (email and telephone) of your House Angel. It's also a way of letting your House Angel know when you'll be arriving.
You can then contact your House Angel if you have any questions about your stay in our traditional house.

Do you need to know about the facilities in your house? Would you like details of the products available at your nearest supermarket? Are you looking for a nearby play area for your children? Do you want to arrive at your house before 3pm? By email, the House Angel will give you their best advice for organising your arrival.


  • They are available for your arrival

The House Angel is available when you arrive, by telephone if you get lost with the taxi driver or when you get off the bus, but also in person to welcome you. Japanese houses are sometimes located at the back of small alleyways, making them difficult to find.
However, in high season, on days when there are many arrivals, your House Angel may not be able to be present when you check in. In this case, they will leave you precise instructions for opening the house and will remain available at all times by telephone to help you take possession of the property. They can also drop by later to meet you, or can check in by video call if your schedules do not coincide.

Please note that if you are unable to arrive before the maximum check-in time set on 8pm (due to a late airport landing, for example), the House Angel will not be physically present.

Many things are unfamiliar in a Japanese home. Lifestyles are different, and so are the houses: tatami, futon, waste separation, Japanese-style toilets, washing machine with instructions in Japanese, rice cooker... The House Angel will explain these details to you, answer any questions you may have about the house and your stay, and give you their best recommendations for places to go in the neighbourhood or the city: buying second-hand yukata, shiatsu massage, Zen gardens, tea rooms, excursions around the city, flea markets. Not to mention the walks you can take, current events and shortcuts to the station!
If you wish, they can accompany you on a little tour of the neighbourhood: supermarket, bus stop, post office, cash dispenser, restaurants, craftsmen.
He can also communicate easily with the other Japan Experience members in Japan if you have booked activities, internet connection products or an entire tour.

Unfortunately, restaurant bookings via the House Angel are not accepted as most establishments require a bank guarantee which Japan Experience cannot provide on behalf of clients.


  • They remain available throughout your stay

Your House Angel can be contacted during your stay if you have any problems in the house, or in a situation where Japanese is essential: something you lost, a medical problem, etc. 
On their days off, a bilingual English/Japanese emergency number takes over.


  • They can help you organise your departure

Do you need a taxi to the station?
Do you want to leave your luggage in the luggage repository after check-out?
Do you fancy one last shopping trip?
Once again, the House Angel can give you their best recommendations and organise your departure from the house before 10am.

House rentals in Japan

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Our accommodations in Japan are located in four major cities, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Takayama and Kyoto. All our accommodations are equipped with modern comforts and amenities in some traditional settings. Discover the real Japan and make your trip to Japan unforgettable.

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