Houses ideally situated in Kyoto

Gion house, in the Maikos district
Price from $112 for this house for 2 to 3 people

Traditional and comfortable houses

Machiya house, near the Philosopher's Path
Price from $137 for this house for 3 to 4 people

Japanese style houses in Tokyo

Ikebukuro house which can accommodates up to 6 people
Price from $187 for this house for 3 to 4 people

A balcony overlooking Kyoto

View from Terrazza house
Discover this exceptional house

Reasonable accomodation

Demachi House, near the Kamogawa river
Price from $107 for this house for 2 to 3 people

Renting a house in Japan

Discover our unique house rental options in Kyoto and Tokyo, accommodating between 2 and 8 people, for a period of 4 days to several weeks, with complete peace of mind thanks to the welcome and the assistance of a "Travel Angel".

Customers’ testimonials

Ken & Margareta, Stockholm

Our one month stay at Gion Kaburenjo is coming to its end, everyday new full of exitement and experience. This is Kyoto. Thak you Daniel for your kinf...

25/03/14 - Koyasu House
Miriam, Vincent, & Angus, Scotland

Thanks for an amazing stay. The hous was perfect for the three of us and Angus especially loved the traditional Japanese living room-- his perfect fit!...

25/03/14 - Rokudo House
K, P and Baby Z, Okinawa

What a wonderful location! We are travling with a baby and so we really appreicated how quiet the neighborhood is and how easy it is to walk to many nearby...

18/03/14 - Shishigatani House
Heather & Robie G., West Yorkshire

Shishigatani & Terrazza houses have been the perfect places for us to stay this time in Kyoto-- extremely comfortable, and they have everything we...

15/03/14 - Munetada House
Matt & Mattie P., USA

Munetada House was such a great place to stay during our Kyoto adventure! It was a great fusion of western and eastern design.  Kyoto is such an...

21/02/14 - Rohji House
Kade, Julie & Sophie, Brisbane

This was our third trip to Kyoto, and our first with daughter Sophie. Kyoto is beautiful city full of beautiful things and we love visiting. Rohi ...

04/01/14 - Eikando House
E. Family, Tulsa

Kyoto and Eikando house are both beautiful ! We hope to return soon.

03/01/14 - Munetada House
Isabelle, Ewan, Fern, & Magnus

A great stay in a lovely house-- so pleased to have seen Kyoto New Year-- a very special time. Many thanks to Nikki, our travel angel, for her recommendations...

Lisa, Australia

Fantastic experience in Kyoto staying in your lovely Hyakumanben 2 House. It was so easy to navigate our way around once our travel angel Nikki explained...

Kevin, Wai Lin, Andrea, Aaron, Singapore

We have enjoyed our stay at Nishi-Ikebukuro 3 House, our home away from home in Tokyo. Will definitively be recommending this apartment to our friends...

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