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La capitale du Kansai et de la gastronomie japonaise

ll y a des perceptions qui traversent les époques, des impressions qui perdurent. Au Japon, Osaka court toujours vers le futur. Pôle majeur pour toutes les techniques novatrices, la capitale économique du Kansai a le goût de l’argent, de l’audace et de l’hospitalité. Aujourd'hui Osaka est la troisième plus grande ville du Japon après Tokyo et Yokohama. Découvrez la ville d’Osaka, son audace, son hospitalité et l’animation de cette cité cosmopolite. Marchés, rues animées, commerces chaleureux, gastronomie généreuse : visitez la capitale du Kansai et laissez-vous surprendre par ses charmes. 

Osaka: a historic port

The third port on the inland sea from the 4th century and throughout the feudal period, until the 20th century, Osaka built its commercial reputation on manufacturing of textiles, in particular its cotton. Furthermore, Osaka is the origin of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry and the city where major foreign firms are established in Japan. Osaka prides itself as a leading scientific research community on par with London and Paris. 

Traveling to Osaka is an opportunity to experience the beauty of the city, as well as its rich history and heritage. On the Yodogawa Delta, Osaka is nicknamed the "city with its feet in the water", because it is open to the sea waves and converged by canals. It was largely devastated in 1945 by the American bombs, before quickly rising from its ashes. The Universal Exhibition of 1970 revealed to the world its vitality and its centers of expertise dear to investors, as well as its urban assets.

City Guide Osaka

Kitchen of Japan

The city is recognized throughout the archipelago for its relaxed and lively lifestyle. It is, therefore, no coincidence that you will find a rich culinary tradition here and a selection of restaurants and other street-food stands likely to thrill your taste buds.

Okonomiyaki and takoyaki are Osaka's two most famous specialties. Okonomiyaki , a kind of Japanese omelet with cabbage, is served in many restaurants, topped with okonomi sauce.



A freshly served okonomiyaki.


Takoyaki avec de la bonite

Wikimedia Commons

Shabu-shabu au boeuf Wagyu

Wagyu beef shabu-shabu


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