Tokyo 東京

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Que faire et voir à Tokyo ? Les activités et les lieux à ne pas manquer

La métropole avant-gardiste qu'est Tokyo s’étire comme une nébuleuse. Plus qu'une ville, Tokyo est une fascinante juxtaposition de quartiers hétéroclites. Gratte-ciel, enseignes lumineuses, divertissement sans limites, mais aussi temples, sanctuaires et jardins traditionnels : le voyage à Tokyo vous ouvre les portes d’une ville aux multiples facettes. Découvrez que faire à Tokyo !

So, visiting Tokyo is best-done district by district. This is both the most practical way in terms of public transport and the most straightforward way in terms of organization and for immersing yourself in the various atmospheres. The Yamanote metro line is ready-made for the exploration of these different districts due to its circular route.

You should not miss exploring every inch of the famous Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku and Yoyogi districts but also the other major centers of the city such as Ikebukuro, Ueno, Ginza or Akihabara. A youthful shopping atmosphere in Shibuya, the monumental buildings in Shinjuku, luxury in Ginza, a passion for electronics in Akihabara, or traditional cafés and restaurants in Ueno... there is something for everyone.

Do not hesitate to lose yourself in some of the more residential districts, which are further from the center and full of charm to explore daily life in Tokyo. Some areas off the beaten track will provide you with a complete change of scenery, even for those who know the city well. We are specifically thinking of Yanaka, Shimo-kitazawa and Ikenoue, Naka-Meguro, Komagome or Koenji and Nakano.




The inescapable areas in Tokyo
The cherry trees park and the zoo
the shopping mall and the scramble crossing
the video games and mangas district
the traditional neighborhood
the red light district kabukicho
Tokyo map

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