Discover Tokyo one day

Full Day Tokyo Discovery

Discover Tokyo, the largest city in the world

The opinion of Japan Experience

The itineraries that we organize allow you to spend hours in centuries-old temples, huge, ultra-modern buildings, trendy neighborhoods filled with fashionable young people, and old neighborhoods frozen in time, all unique in their own way. You'll feel like you have visited several countries in one day!
You will learn how to navigate the city with ease, and you'll try various means of transport, each their own learning experience.

Your Travel Angel's plus

A trip to Japan is often paired with discovering of a way of life very different from ours. A full-day guided tour allows you to not just see the famous sights, but also share your travel experience with someone who has lived there for a long time, who is happy to answer your questions. We always love hearing the thoughts and questions of travelers new to Japan.


Tokyo is a city full of contrasts and surprises. At only a mere 400 years old, it was built up at lightning speed, and is now the largest city in the world, while still maintaining a high standard of living. An urban miracle.


Your guide will be in touch ahead of time to decide on a meeting point.

Please note that the meals and site entrance charges for yourself and your guide are not included in the tour price.

Also please give, in addition to the fee for the day, 1000 yen ($8,90 / £7.20) to your guide that will help them cover the transportation costs during the day. 

If there are more than 4 participants, extra fees will apply. Children are considered as a full participant.

Latest review

G. Clarke
Oct 2017

Absolutely we had an amazing day with Shizuka and would recommend her services highly! She absolutely got what we wanted and mixed our day between some of the major sights and just soaking up the city. She also helped us book the train for Kyoto and showed us how the logistics worked and gave us some good advice.

Jun 2017

We had a lovely time with our guide, Shizuka.
She pre-planned our day trip via emails which was very nice - we got to determine certain places and things that we wanted to see or taste or do.
She made us aware that she was new at this, but we believe she did a great job. We had a full packed day which is exactly what we love to do especially our first day in a new country.
We got a great overview of Tokyo, got to try excellent Ramen, Matcha tea....(not our favorite!) but it was our choice to try it!
She knew the transportation system well and even planned a little bit of time to take us to the train station to pre-reserve all of our seats for the remainder of our trip! What a bonus that was!

All in all - great job!

Oct 2016

Our visit of Tokyo with Olivier was fantastic! He is really a nice guy and he organized for us a very interesting tour that was perfect for adults and children.