Tokyo Tower   東京タワー

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Tokyo Tower

Like the Eiffel Tower represents Paris, the Empire State New York, Tokyo Tower is a symbol of the Japanese capital.

When Godzilla is not there

Higher, lighter, more colorful. Tokyo Tower is intended as a modernized version of the Eiffel Tower. Like the Iron Lady, the younger sister is a "must see" in the capital and offer one of its most beautiful views.

Inaugurated in 1958, its construction coincided with what some call the Japanese economic "miracle". It symbolizes the dramatic regeneration of Japan after the war. Its recurring appearances in the kaiju, monster movies that were very fashionable in the 1950s, contribute to its presence in the Japanese collective imagination. Fictitiously destroyed by Godzilla, Mothra (the giant moth) as well as King Kong, it remains one of the most efficient ways to set a Tokyo scene.

It has two panoramic floors, the first at 150 meters, the second at 250 meters. A challenging climb of 590 steps is necessary to access the latter. Choose a nice day for the visit. On clear days, you can make out Mount Fuji .

Sufferers of vertigo can console themselves with a visit to the giant aquarium, souvenir shops and tearooms at the foot of the tower.

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