Shinjuku   新宿

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Shinjuku Park Tower, 235 meters high was used as a setting for the movie Lost in Translation.

In Shinjuku, Shinjuku Park Tower, 235 meters high was used in the movie Lost in Translation.

With its neon lights and frenzy, Shinjuku is a neighborhood that saw both day and night.

With its neon lights and frenzied atmosphere, Shinjuku is a neighborhood alive both day and night.

Despite the great arteries, Shinjuku also has narrow streets which are piling up bars and small restaurants.

Not just main roads, Shinjuku also has narrow streets, in which bars and small restaurants abound.

The Shinjuku Gyoen has three garden styles: the English, the French and japoansie

Shinjuku Gyoen has three garden styles: English, French and traditional Japanese.

In constant motion

"To Shinjuku where you wait for me
Shaken along the Odakyu Line
Is my Silk Road "

From Machi Tawara's "Salad Anniversary"

Formerly residential, the exciting Shinjuku area, dominated by the City Hall, an impressive building of granite and glass designed by the famous architect Kenzo Tange (1913-2005), is a concentration of skyscrapers and department stores. Shinjuku is staggering, but not only for its architecture... Your heart will race to the rhythm of passing trains, and drinks are offered until you can't drink anymore.

Carried along by the crowd - in the daytime everyone wants to shop - head to the largest bookstore, Kinokuniya-shoten, look for bargains in a department store, find something practical yet fantastic at Tokyu Hands, or find a jazz CD that cannot be found in Europe .

More than two million passengers per day use Shinjuku Station. Takashimaya Times Square, the permanent stage of trains crisscrossing each other, seems like something out of a film by Yasujiro Ozu (1903-1963). A full-scale show that never stops. Rubbing along with the agitation of this railway junction, succumbing to the cascades of neon lights, drinking a beer on a summer's day on the roofs of Keio department store, walking in Shinjuku Gyoen, one of the largest parks in the capital, getting lost in Kabukicho and Golden Gai where bars, often under the control of a mama san, stand one next to the other in poorly lit streets... only Shinjuku allows such a multifaceted adventure. The Albatross, an elegant and mysterious bar, and izakaya Alps, where it is good to have a snack, invite night owls to journey to the end of the night. This business area is transformed when the sun goes down. The salary men give way to revellers, who are sometimes the same people. But that's another story...

An urban delight and yet in his film Blade Runner (1982), the British director Ridley Scott, imagined a disturbing Los Angeles in the year 2019, which was inspired by Shinjuku.

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