Akihabara   秋葉原

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Akihabara is constantly retraining.

Akihabara is constantly retraining.

The old neighborhood electric Akihara became the haunt of otaku.

The old electric Akihara district became the haunt of otaku.

Temple giant otaku, Akihabra full of video arcades.

Otaku paradise, Akihabara is full of game arcades.

The happiness of otaku

From conversion to transformation, Akihabara, the big electronics bazaar has turned into a huge playground for frivolous and virtual games. Planet manga, its cosplay and maid café replace transistors and electrical appliances of yesteryear.

Garish lights drip down the building facades. The stores limitlessly extol tconsumerism of play. Welcome to the new dimension of Akihabara. Formerly known for its appliances stores, this area has transformed into a stronghold of otaku culture (young introverts who love manga, video games and figurines).

For a decade Akihabara has been in permanent conversion. Computers and high-tech equipment have given way to action figures, trading cards, video games, fanzines and other DVDs. In the "henaurmes", the bookstores of Chuo Avenue, such as Comic Toranoana, which is on six levels, Mandarake or Animate, the thousands of publications including new titles ranging from the sweetest to the most shameful (revisionist and pornographic) are mind boggling. From bluettes for two yen to the most perverse fantasies, the possibilities are endless.

Some sell products that cannot be found elsewhere, that collectors and otaku come to find. Young people take part in the ritual of frenziedly searching for a coveted album or object. The stores specialized in cosplay which propose the costumes of cartoon heroes or anime are worth a visit. Not forgetting the maid café like the @Home Café . If you like manga, if you are looking for a "collector" fanzine or the latest video games, Akihabara remains an Aladdin's cave.

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