Discover Japan

  • Duration : 13 giorni
  • Locations : Tokyo, Hakone Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Miyajima

This guided tour in Japan takes you to Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Not to mention the majestic Mount Fuji, the sacred island of Miyajima and the historic city of Kanazawa.

This small group tour allows you to discover the country in just under 2 weeks, in the company of a specialist English-speaking guide. Ideal for your first organised trip to Japan!

2 week itinerary in Japan (13 days):

  • Departure city/airport : Tokyo (Narita : NRT or Haneda : HND)
  • Tokyo (3 nights)
  • Hakone - Mount Fuji (1 night)
  • Kyoto (4 nights)
  • Hiroshima (1 night)
  • Kanazawa (1 night)
  • Tokyo (2 nights)
  • End Return airport : Tokyo (Narita : NRT or Haneda : HND)


Please find below the itinerary details.

Tour length : 12 nights / 13 days (+ 1 day at the beginning if you leave from Europe)

Indeed, the tour departure and end dates presented on this page relate to your stay in Japan. On departure, you will have to leave Europe on the day before. The return flight is on the same day due to the time difference.

Example : 

  • Departure from Europe : January 1st
  • Arrival Tokyo (date to be selected in the tour calendar while booking) : January 2nd
  • Return flight from Tokyo : January 14th

Why this trip to Japan 

  1. Supervision by a bilingual English-speaking guide, a specialist in Japanese culture 
  2. Semi-simple format: guide, accommodation, transport, transfers
  3. Small groups of between 9 and 12 people maximum.
  4. A visit to the must-sees on a first trip to Japan
  5. 3* hotels and ryokan (traditional Japanese accomodation)
  6. Variety of visits, activities, gastronomy and transport (Shinkansen, mini-bus...)
  7. One free day in Kyoto who can be organised
  8. 40 years of expertise from Japan Experience, European leading travel agency in Japan

Your trip in detail


  • Giorno 1 : Sunday - Wake up in Japan

    Arrival at Tokyo airport (Narita or Haneda) Welcome to Japan! Yokoso 日本へようこそ !

    Reception at the exit of customs by our English-speaking airport assistant.

    Unaccompanied transfer from the airport to Tokyo (see details) .

    Accommodation at Hotel B Akasaka Mitsuke or an same category hotel 3* (rooms available from 15:00)

    Welcome by the guide at 18:00. Introduction of the tour by the guide during a welcome dinner. Dinner provided by Japan Experience.

  • Giorno 2 : Day 2: First steps in the capital

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Departure around 9:30 am, guided tour of Tokyo:

    - Tokyo Sky Tree** and its panoramic view of Tokyo.

    - Rue Nakamise Dôri, a long and narrow street lined with thousand-year-old shops

    - Sensô-ji Buddhist temple, one of the city's oldest

    - Asakusa, a traditional district and place of pilgrimage, accessible by cruise on the Sumida River.

    - Hamarikyu, the Japanese garden amongst Tokyo's buildings

    - Tsukiji*, the small outdoor food market

    - Ginza, Tokyo's chic district

    Lunch provided by Japan Experience. Dinner at your leisure.

    Your tour guide will be able to advise you on the best places to visit! Transportation for the day on public transport, by boat and on foot (about 8 km in total). (*) The "big" Tsukiji market was relocated to Toyosu in October 2018. Only the "external market" remains accessible from now on... (**) One of the three tallest towers in the world, reaching a height of 643m. In case of bad weather or reduced visibility, Japan Experience reserves the right to replace this visit with another viewing point.

  • Giorno 3 : Tuesday: Tour of Tokyo

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Continue the visit of Tokyo with your tour guide:

    - Ueno: the must-see of Tokyo with its park full of cherry trees and a lotus pond

    - Harajuku: the avant-garde neighbourhood - Meiji Jingû, the imperial shrine

    - Takeshita-Dori: the most famous street in Japan

    - Omotesando: Tokyo's Champs-Élysées

    - Shibuya and its unavoidable "crossroads"

    Lunch provided by Japan Experience. Dinner is free. Transportation for the day on public transport and on foot (about 10 km in total).

  • Giorno 4 : Wednesday - On the way to Mount Fuji

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Luggage transfer to Kyoto organised by Japan Experience (1 piece of luggage per person). Plan to bring a small bag for this night spent in Hakone - Mount Fuji.

    Train ride to the centre of Hakone - Mount Fuji (about 1h30).

    Check-in at your Ichinoyu Shinkan ryokan or same category ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel). Rooms with private bath.

    Departure to the heights of Hakone for a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji (weather permitting).

    - A stroll along the old Tokaido road that used to link Tokyo to Kyoto,

    - The Ashi-no-ko lake and its Japanese torii gate which stands in the water,

    - the incredible volcanic site of Owakudani**.


    Meals provided (lunch and traditional Japanese dinner) by Japan Experience.

    **The site may be inaccessible due to volcanic activity.

    Day trips by train and on foot (about 5 km in total).

  • Giorno 5 : Thursday - Tracing the past

    Traditional Japanese breakfast in the ryokan (mostly savoury).

    Leave for Hakone station on foot or by public transport, then take the Shinkansen train to Kyoto (2 hour journey).

    Accommodation at the Tsugu Hotel 京都三条 or same category hotel. 

    Start of the guided tour of Kyoto:

    - Gion, the historical district of Kyoto and its Sannen-zaka & Ninnen-zaka streets, as well as the Gion district.

    - Kodai-ji, Kyoto's maple and bamboo temple.


    Please note that it is strictly forbidden to take photographs in the historic district of Gion. Meals (lunch and dinner) provided by Japan Experience. Transportation for the day to Kyoto on public transport and foot (about 4 km).

  • Giorno 6 : Friday - Treasures of the old capital

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Tour of Kyoto by minibus in the morning and then on foot:

    - The Zen garden of Ryoan-ji

    - The Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion)

    - Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavilion)

    - The enchanting Philosopher's Path

    - The Murin-An temple


     Lunch provided by Japan Experience.                                                                                                                                                             Free dinner - Your tour guide will be able to advise you on Kyoto's hidden spots! Transportation for the day by minibus and on foot (about 3 km in total).

  • Giorno 7 : Saturday - Between temples and deer

    Breakfast at the hotel in Kyoto.

    Train ride to Nara (50min).

    Tour of Nara, the first permanent capital of Japan back in the 8th century.
    With your tour guide, discover:
    - The Shinto temple Kasuga Taisha with its thousands of lanterns.
    - The Todaiji, its great bronze Buddha and the imposing Nan-Daimon gate
    - Kofukuji temple and its beautiful pagoda

    Return to Kyoto and stop to enjoy the sunset at Fushimi Inari, the huge 10,000 torii shrine in Kyoto.
    Lunch provided by Japan Experience.
    Dinner at your leisure

    Transportation for the day by train and on foot (about 6 km in total).

  • Giorno 8 : Sunday - Free day

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Free day: enjoy the many wonders of the ancient capital at your own pace.

    Your guide will be able to advise you on what to do. Only breakfast is provided by Japan Experience at the hotel. You are left to your own devices for other meals, transport and visits, which are not organised by Japan Experience. We recommend a visit off the beaten track to the tea fields in the countryside near Kyoto (as an option).

  • Giorno 9 : Monday: Japan's sacred island

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Luggage transfer to Tokyo (for 2 nights) organised by Japan Experience (1 piece of luggage per person). Plan to bring a small bag for your night in Hiroshima and in Kanazawa.

    In route to Hiroshima by shinkansen (2 hours 30) then Miyajima Island by boat (10 minutes) to visit the sacred island and its famous large gate (ootorii). (Note: The ootorii is currently under construction until an unspecified date) .

    Return to Hiroshima and check into the Intergate Hotel or Sama category hotel. Lunch and dinner (Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima's speciality) provided by Japan Experience. Transportation for the day by shinkansen, boat and on foot (about 8 km).

  • Giorno 10 : Tuesday - Historic cities

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    In the morning, a tour of the Peace Memorial Park and its museum.

    Shinkansen trip (1h) to Himeji Castle (UNESCO heritage).

    Please note that the entrance to the castle, whose unfurnished interior is rather disappointing, is not included in this tour.

    We only offer the magnificent view from the esplanade in front of the site.


    At the end of the afternoon, departure for Kanazawa by shinkansen and express train (3h).

    Check-in at the Kaname Inn hotel or same category hotel. Meals (lunch and dinner) provided by Japan Experience.


    Transportation for the day by public transport, by shinkansen and on foot (about 8 km).



  • Giorno 11 : Wednesday - Ishikawa's little pearl

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Discover Kanazawa, between the sea in the north and the Japanese Alps.

    - Kenroku-en, Kanazawa's beautiful Japanese garden

    - The Museum of Contemporary Art seen from the outside gallery

    - Omicho, the fish market of the Sea of Japan

    - The Nomura house, residence of the Samurai and its picturesque old quarter.


    Late afternoon drive to Tokyo by Shinkansen (2 hours 45) and check-in at your hotel B Akasaka Mitsuke or equivalent. Lunch provided by Japan Experience. Dinner at your leisure Transportation for the day by public transport, bus, Shinkansen and on foot (approx. 6 km)

  • Giorno 12 : Thursday - Don't lose a single scrap

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    A free day to visit the many other interesting monuments and sites in the capital and its surroundings: your guide will be able to give you useful advice.

    In the capital:

    - Edo Tokyo City Museum (Edo Tokyo Museum)

    - The magnificent Shinjuku Gyôen Park - Akihabara: the electronic and manga district

    - The vintage districts of Yanaka and/or Shimokitazawa on the outskirts of Tokyo,


    Enjoy a guided tour of the city of Kamakura (from Kamakura Station) and its Great Bronze Buddha (not included in the tour, optional).

    Lunch, transportation and tours are unaccompanied and not organised by Japan Experience.

    Final dinner provided by Japan Experience.

  • Giorno 13 : Friday - Sayonara, and see you next time!

    Transfer to Tokyo (Narita : NRT or Haneda : HND).

    Return flight to Europe.

  • Accommodation

    - 11 nights in 3*** hotels

    - 1 night in a ryokan at Hakone - Mount Fuji (room with private bath) The basic rate includes a twin room for two people.

  • Transport

    - Transfer airport <> Tokyo

    - Prepaid public transport card

    - Japan Rail Pass for 7 days

    - Other transport during your stay, except on free days

    - Luggage transfer (see details of the stages)

  • Experiences and meals

    - Guidance from an English-speaking specialist on Japan

    - Tours and activities mentioned in the programme

    - Almost full package: all meals (except free days and half of the dinners during the stay)

  • Additional services

    - Unlimited Wi-Fi access, except on free days

    - Power adapter for Japanese plugs (not for UK plugs)

    - Complete travel diary sent 20 days before your departure

    - An informative meeting 1 to 2 months before your departure, in our agency or at a distance

    - 24/7 telephone assistance in English; in addition to the guide's assistance during the day

  • Not included in the price of your trip

    - Flights Europe <> Japan

    - Optional insurance policies

    - Personal expenses (including 5 dinners at your leisure and expenses for the two free days)

    - Drinks with meals (except water and sometimes tea)

    - Anything not included in the "included in your tour" section

More about your trip

Your tour :

  • The tour guide can modify the programme according to the day's constraints.
  • The prices displayed on this page may vary according to the exchange rate of the Japanese ¥.
  • Unfortunately, this tour is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Children and babies accepted. It should be noted, however, that the program may be difficult for these people to follow. From 3 to 11 years old a child rate is offered. In each accommodation, a standard adult bed will be offered to them, and a standard seat will be allocated to them in transport. From 0 to 2 years old inclusive, a "baby" rate is offered. This price corresponds to the allocation of a cot in the majority of the accommodation of the chosen tour. However, we cannot guarantee a baby cot in each accommodation.
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Your travel documents will be given to you as follows: 
  1. Travel diary given during the information meeting 1 month before your departure. If you cannot make it to this meeting, it will be sent to your home 2 weeks before departure. 
  2. The e-travel diary, as well as your e-documents of travel will be sent to you by email 3 weeks before departure.
  3. The airport transfer tickets will be given to you by our airport assistant on your arrival. 
  4. The other physical documents necessary for the trip will be given to you by your tour leader when you meet at 6PM in your hotel on the first day.
  • This programme is subject to change due to circumstances such as weather conditions or any other case of force majeure. The order of visits may also be modified. Please note that due to the current circumstances, any information mentioned is subject to change or modification.

Your accommodation :

  • Double room : Rooms for two people in western hotels have 2 single beds (twin rooms) by default, which can usually be joined together.
  • Single room : People travelling alone and wishing to book a single room must pay a supplement at the time of booking. This supplement can be waived, on request, if a twin room is shared with another participant. The single room supplement is compulsory for orders with an odd number of participants. Please note the size of the single room, between 15 and 20m2(161sq ft to 215sq ft). 
  • Traditional accommodation : in the ryokan at Hakone Mount Fuji, the room has a private bathroom (Western or Japanese) and toilet. At the same time, access to the ryokan's non-mixed collective Japanese baths ("onsen") is free, subject to the schedules in force on site. These baths are often not accessible to people with visible tattoos.
  • In the Buddhist temple in Koyasan and the Takachiho hostel, the rooms do not have private sinks and toilets. The Japanese baths ("onsen") are shared bathrooms with showers, hot tubs, sinks and toilets. They are freely accessible, according to the schedule of the site (for the onsen only). The baths are often not accessible to people with visible tattoos.
  • On the Sunflower ferry, the standard class cabins have a washbasin. There is a single communal toilet and bath on the upper deck.
    Rooms do not have windows.
  • Names of the hotels : The names given on the site are for information only. In the event of unavailability, an establishment of equivalent standing will be scheduled. Hotels, corresponding to local standards, are given as an indication and may be changed on site for hotels of a similar category.
  • Due to the very low number of hotel temples 4* in Koyasan, there is a possibility, depending on availability, that you will be accommodated in a 2/3* temple of equivalent comfort.

Your transports :

  • Flights are not included in this tour. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to include flights in your order: Flights in economy class with stopovers or direct flights, eco-premium or business air upgrades, provincial departures or abroad: we will be able to advise you.
  • The departure and end dates shown on this page are for your stay in Japan. You will arrive in Japan via Tokyo (Narita or Haneda airports) and will depart from Osaka (Kansai international airport KIX, not Itami ITM or Kobe). You will have to leave Europe the day before and land at 2:30pm at the latest to be present at your hotel at 6:00pm to meet your tour guide. However, the return flight is on the same day due to the time difference. Please do not hesitate to consult us for any uncertainty or need for precision in the choice of international flights.
  • If the flights have been purchased by your care without the intervention of Japan Experience, it is necessary to send us by mail 1 month before your departure your flight information (flight number, airport, date and time of arrival) to allow us 'Organize your welcome and airport transfer.
  • Airport transfers: The shared shuttle bus leaves from the airport and stops either in front of your hotel or at a stop located between 1 and 15 min walk from your hotel. Our airport assistant in Tokyo will drive you to the platform to take the airport transfer. Afterwards, this hotel transfer is unassisted. If you would like to be accompanied from the airport to your hotel reception please choose the option "Accompanied Airport Transfer".
  • If a person taking part in the tour is a Japanese national and a resident of Japan, or a foreigner with tax residence in Japan (including a student), then that person is not eligible for the Japan Rail Pass. Please contact us to get the price of the tour without a Japan Rail Pass. They will have to buy the train tickets for the tour directly in Japan. The Kansai Thru Pass is also subject to the same nationality/residency requirements. This is not the case for the Hakone Free pass. If this person is a Japanese citizen but not a resident of Japan, then he/she can benefit from the Japan Rail Pass under certain conditions (see
  • The public transport prepayment card must be returned to the guide at the end of your stay, except in the case of an individual post-extension organized by Japan Experience.

Which protection for your tour in Japan ?

At the time of your purchase, Japan Experience offers you 3 types of protection :

  • Japan Experience Flex : 

Free cancellation of your trip for any reason up to 35 days before your departure date with our partner Koala.
No residency or nationality requirements. 

Refund: 100% of your cancellation fees (excluding airfare costs).
No reason or proof to provide. Cancellation in 1 email. Transfer made within 3 days. More informations here

  • Japan Experience Protect :

Cancellation insurance before departure and on-site assistance, subject to conditions. COVID protection included.

  • Japan Experience Full coverage :

All the benefits of 'Flex' and 'Protect' plans, combined.

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