¿Cómo ir de Nagoya a Takayama?

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Impresionantes paisajes desde el tren y pueblos tradicionales.

Los trenes Limited Express "Wide View" Hida recorren la ruta de Nagoya a Takayama. Disfruta de un impresionante paisaje montañoso al adentrarte en los Alpes Japoneses rumbo a Takayama.

0KM - Nagoya station

Nagoya station is a hub for many routes : KyotoTokyo, Shingu, Matsumoto.

30 km - 0H18 - Gifu station

Gifu is most famous for the cormorant fishing that takes place in the evenings from late spring through to late autumn.The river is lit by flaming torches and is a very impressive sight when combined with the fishermen in traditional dress.

Don’t be worried that your seat is backwards facing when you board, the train changes direction at Gifu Station. 

58 KM - 0H39 - Minoota station

If you would rather not go all the way into Nagoya for a connection to Matsumoto, you can change here and cross on a local line to Tajimi. Be sure to check timetables on Hyperdia before doing this.

From Nagoya to Takayama

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