Comment aller d'Oita à Miyazaki ?

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Le long de la côte Est de Kyushu

Descendant la côte est de Kyushu, le trajet entre Oita et Miyazaki avec le Limited express Nichirin ou Nichirin Seagaia est un contraste de montagne et de mer.

0 km -  OITA station

36 km - 0H28 - USUKI station

A very pleasant coastal town with free bike rentals in the station to explore the local coast. 5 km south of Usuki are the Usuki Stone Buddhas, which were carved in the 12th century. Infrequent buses take about 20 minutes to get here. 

65 km - 0H57 - SAIKI station

Make sure you are sitting on the left -hand side to get the best views of the coast. If you are after some of the best pizza in Kyushu, alight here and head for Pizza Savoy.

123 km - 1H55 - NOBEOKA station

A town mentioned by Natsumi Soseki in his book Botchan. Alight here for a side trip to Takachiho. 

127 km - 2H05 - MINAMINOBEOKA station

The southern station of Nobeoka passing through a very industrial district.

144 km - 2H12 - HYUGASHI station

A mecca for local surfers and close to the birthplace of the poet Wakayama Bokusui.

Train route from Oita to Miyazaki
Wonderful Oita
Lake near Beppu and Yufuin Onsens
Coastal town of Usuki
Saiki, one of the first Samourai towns
Takachiho gorge
Takanabe Station
Wonderful Miyazaki in the southeast of Kyushu

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