5 reasons to visit Japan 日本に観光する理由

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Le Japon immanquable

Le Japon est un pays quioffre tellement de choses à voir que bon nombre de touristesreviennent plusieurs fois afin d'explorer de nouvelles parties dupays. Si tout le monde ne multipliera pas les trajets versl'archipel, voilà 5 raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez effectuerau moins le périple une fois dans votre vie !

1. Impressive panoramas

In the West, you hardly see any tall buildings in the residential districts due to its zoning laws. However, in Japan, it's quite the opposite. After the Second World War, a construction frenzy took over the country, building many skyscrapers.

The cityscape of Shinjuku.


2. The diversity of natural landscapes

Japan is full of stunning natural landscapes. Beyond the traditional cherry blossoms in spring and momiji (maples) in autumn, you can stroll along the Amanohashidate sand bridge, wander around Mount Fuji to discover the region's magnificent lakes, or go north to admire the northern beauties of Hokkaido.

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Lake Ashi

Floating Torii of Lake Ashi, Hakone, in which Mount Fuji is reflected.


3. Gastronomy

Japan is known for its gastronomy, the diversity of which is difficult to match. The traditional sushi will be there, but also the ramen, which has wide varieties, the okonomiyaki, takoyaki, etc.

While some of the country's best-known dishes can be found in restaurants worldwide, many recipes have remained on the islands. You have to give it a try!

Lobby dishes

Hotel Koe

4. The heritage of Japan

Japan's cultural heritage is one of the great pleasures of photographers, who each year offer us magnificent photos of the archipelago temples, palaces, or gardens.

The vision of Kyoto's golden pavilion, of the immense gate of the Senso-ji in Tokyo – the Kaminarimon – or the giant Buddha in Kamakura are visions that will remain forever in the visitor's mind.

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Pavillon d'Or - Kinkakuji

Golden Pavilion - Kinkakuji


5. Meet the animals

One thing that strikes travelers in Japan is the omnipresence of animals. While it is more difficult for the Japanese to have a pet than for the French, animals are easily accessible in the country and in an enjoyable way.

Thus cat bars, owl bars, or even recently, otter bars exist in the country. Many localities are known for their free-range animals, such as Nara deer and Nagano monkeys. And let's not forget the Cat Islands, where humans are rarer than cats!

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Des singes dans un onsen près de Nagano.

Monkeys in an onsen near Nagano.

Ben Beechey

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