Museo d'arte Pola ポーラ美術館

Picasso e Fujita

Tantoper le sue opere quanto per la sua architettura innovativa, questo museo sipercorre in estasi.

A museum in the heart of the forest

The Pola Art Museum has taken up residence in the heart of a thick forest in the city of Hakone in a building designed to be in harmony with nature. The aim of the museum is to create a unique art place that combines natural aesthetics with art while preserving the environment. The museum was built underground to blend in with the landscape, but benefits from abundant natural light thanks to the many windows. It consists of two buildings connected by a glass walkway, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature. The first building is dedicated to temporary exhibitions, while the second houses the permanent collection. The collections include pieces by European masters as well as Japanese and Oriental creations, all of which are enhanced by a play of light that is not left to chance.
The Pola Museum presents the collections gathered by the Pola Foundation with the aim of promoting the art and culture of the archipelago.

Pola Museum of Art

On Top of the Pola Museum of Art.


Musée d'art Pola

A l'intérieur du musée d'art Pola.


Yayoi Kusama à l’honneur

In 2019, Yayoi Kusama's Eternal Infinity exhibition, Yayoi Kusama's Word of Creation, was held. Entirely dedicated to the Japanese artist, the exhibition was a great success attracting over 270,000 visitors. Known for her repetitive patterns of polka dots and organic shapes, the public was able to discover more than 100 works by Kusama, including mirrors, light installations and performance pieces, in immersive and interactive environments. Some of the works in the collection are still in the permanent collection and can be admired without time limit!


Sebastian Masuda au musée d'art Pola

Facebook officiel Sebastian Masuda

Musée en plein air de Hakone

Musée en plein air de Hakone

©leo okuyama via unsplash

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