Shizuoka Tea Fields Tour

This tour will take you to the tea fields of Shizuoka where you will discover the world of the infamous Japanese green tea, its production, its taste, and its cultural implications.

Shizuoka, land of tea

As a region best known for its green tea fields, Shizuoka is widely recognized in Japan for its tea cultivation.

Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the Chubu region of Japan, and it is one of the country's major tea-producing areas. Its varied terrain, which consists of both coastal and mountainous regions, places it southwest of Tokyo.

The area is the biggest producer of green tea in Japan and is well known for its green tea production. This area is ideal for producing premium tea leaves because of its climate, rich soil, and favorable topography for growing tea.

Many types of green tea are produced in Shizuoka, but the two most well-known are matcha (powdered green tea) and sencha (steeped green tea). Other varieties, such as gyokuro (shade-grown green tea) and hōjicha (roasted green tea), are also cultivated in Shizuoka.

During the Heian period in the ninth century, tea was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks who imported tea seeds from China. At first, the clergy and the nobility were the main consumers of tea.

Tea was first cultivated in Shizuoka during the Kamakura era (12th-14th centuries). The area was ideal for growing tea because of its varied topography, plentiful rainfall, and mild climate. And the tea plants thrived in the well-drained volcanic soil of the area.

Shizuoka's tea production significantly increased during the Edo period (1603–1868), making the area a major producer of tea. The encouragement and support of the Tokugawa shogunate, which ruled Japan at the time, contributed to this growth.


A natural getaway amid breathtaking scenery

Exporting to numerous nations, Shizuoka's tea is widely recognized for its superior quality. The area has long been known for producing some of Japan's best green teas.

Tea fields stretch across undulating hills and valleys, adorning Shizuoka's landscape. This region's landscape is frequently characterized by the sight of lush, well-cultivated tea plants.

The combination of natural beauty and tea cultivation is a unique feature of the region of Shizuoka. Your breath will be taken away by the beauty of the landscapes. 

Throughout the year, Shizuoka organizes a number of tea-related festivals and events where guests can partake in tea tastings, see live cultural performances, and discover more about the significance of tea in Japanese culture.


A journey to explore the realm of Japanese tea

The tea fields of Shizuoka present a singular chance to delve into the world of Japanese green tea, encompassing its production and cultural implications.

From Shizuoka station, the tour will begin at 10 a.m. You will travel by taxi to the tea fields in the mountains, where you will see the plantations. If the conditions align, you will have the chance to pick tea leaves from the trees. After lunch (soba noodles with a view of tea and wasabi fields), you will visit the tea factory, where you can observe the processing of tea leaves into the finished beverage.

You will have a tasting session and be shown how to make Hojicha, the roasted tea, and finally make your original blend. All this time, you will be attended by an interpreter and guide who is very knowledgeable about Shizuoka and his culture.

You can end the tour with a visit to the city by taxi or by foot.

It is very easy to do as a stop-over on your way from Tokyo to Kyoto, or vice versa.


Choose 4 or 6 hours tour

With the 4 hours tour, the taxi leaves you at the tea factory, and after the factory tour, you can go back to Shizuoka station or visit the area on your own.

The spots include Sengen Shrine, the numerous tea shops, shopping arcades, or the Parche Food Market. With the 6 hours tour, the taxi is chartered for you for two more hours, so you can use it to visit the area after the tea factory tour, and it will take you back to the station.


Included in the tour: 

- taxi transportation

- English-speaking guide

Not included in the tour:

- Lunch


Cancellation policy:

Up to 7 days before: 0%.

Between 7 days before and 17:00 the previous day: 50%.

After 17:00 the previous day and same day: 100%.

Max 3 participants


Shizuoka Tea Fields Tour

$165 per person