Before you Travel

  • Published on : 02/10/2014
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Before your Travel

Boîte aux lettres japonaise

Japan Post

Traveling or residing in Japan, some practical tips to make your visit to one of 24 000 offices across the country easy.

Des billets de 10 000 yens (76€)

What is the cost of living in Japan?

Tokyo has long been at the top of the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world, but what is the real cost of daily living in Japan?

Un câble électrique japonais 100 volts

Electrical outlets and electricity in Japan

Plugs, voltages, adapters: all you need to purchase and use electrical and electronic equipment in Japan.

Cherry blossoms in spring

Cherry blossom season: When To Go?

The ever-popular blossoming of cherry blossoms, sakura, is a national event in Japan.

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