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Avoid the stress of losing your JR Pass and all your travel cards when traveling in Japan.

JR Passes are now standard-sized magnetic tickets in cardboard. This new format allows JR Pass users to pass through automated station turnstiles, but it can be easily damaged or lost. This is also the case for Suica cards and regional transport passes.

  • In the event of loss, your Japan Rail Pass and/or Suica cannot be refunded; you have to buy new ones.
  • We have received customer feedback that Japan Rail Pass tickets are as thin as paper and are easily damaged. This folder protects your pass!

Japan Experience has created the solution to this problem: a small wallet to hold your JR Pass and other transport cards.

Other advantages of the Japan Rail Pass & Suica cardholder :

  • Available in a limited edition
  • Fits easily anywhere, in a trouser pocket, handbag or clutch bag.
  • Waterproof and magnetic: the Suica card can be beeped at turnstiles without taking it out of the holder.
  • With its red design and Japanese theme, it's a beautiful souvenir of Japan.


JRP & Tickets wallet

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