Discovering Japan: our topic by topic guide to Japan

Thanks to our many topics and thousands of articles, prepare your travel itinerary to Japan. Temples, parks and gardens, festivities, onsen, the best restaurants, hikes, walks and other excursions in Japan will no longer be a secret to you! Across a network of around 40 cities, discover all the activities and points of interest in each of them.


Attractions and Excursions

Whether on foot or by bike, Japan is full of places to relax and enjoy the scenery on a nice walk! We give you some ideas with our selection.

The crossroads of Shibuya (Tokyo) is one of the emblematic places of the district.

The Shibuya District

Shibuya is, without doubt, the most fascinating and most vibrant district of Tokyo.


Yakushima Island

Subtropical and rainy, Yakushima is home to a special vegetation that attracts hikers: thousands-of-years-old cedars, thought to be the oldest trees in the country and the inspiration for the fores

Tourists take a boat trip to Kurashiki.


A preserved old merchant town, pretty Kurashiki's historic warehouses, have been converted into museums, boutiques and restaurants.

Hanamikoji, le coeur du quartier de Gion

Gion & Higashiyama in Kyoto

The traditional neighborhood of Gion along with its Geisha has contributed to making Kyoto famous. Despite an urban metamorphosis, the spirit of Kyoto positively asserts itself here.

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Parks and Gardens

Enjoy the country's natural wealth by discovering the best parks and gardens in Japan!

Shoseien park


Hôte du temple Higashi Honganji, Shoseien offre à ses visiteurs une quiétude certaine...

In the heart of Tokyo, the Imperial Garden is the only part open to the public gardens of the Emperor.

Higashi-gyoen Garden

The Imperial Palace's East Garden, a historic site in Tokyo, offers ideal views of the city.

The Koishikawa Koraku-is the oldest garden in Tokyo.

Koishikawa Kōrakuen Garden

In the district of Bunkyo, the Koishikawa Kōrakuen Garden is viewed as one of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo and is the oldest as well. The flowering of the prunus, then the cherry trees, and

Happo-en garden provides a framework both bucolic and romantic for romantic strolls.

Happo-en Garden

To get married, Tokyoites choose, without hesitation, Happo-en. Traditional houses and its romantic pond make for a perfect place to exchange vows.

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Temples and Shrines

Discover the most beautiful Japanese temples and shrines for a unique cultural and historical getaway!

Horyuji Temple


Nara's Horyuji, located in Ikaruga, is a vast place of worship amid the pine trees, and houses the oldest recorded wooden buildings in the world. It remains the oldest temple in Japan!

The Byodo-in Temple

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, recently renovate in 2014, the Byodo-in is located in the center of the small town of Uji, not far from Kyoto.

sanctuaire d'Itsukushima

Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima

The Shinto shrine of Itsukushima and its famous torii gate are located on the island of Miyajima, south of Hiroshima.


Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion Kyoto

In the shadow of Kyoto's northwestern hills, sits a jewel of the ancient capital: Rokuon-ji temple, better known as Kinkakuji, or the Golden Pavilion.

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Onsen, Hot Springs and Public Baths

Onsen, very popular with the Japanese, are an experience not to be missed when coming to Japan! Discover our recommendations for a moment of relaxation.

Kinrin-ko lake, the smoking waters


A high-class spa resort, close to the popular Beppu, Yufuin is home to many luxurious ryokan.

Noboribetsu Onsen

Noboribetsu Onsen is one of the most famous hot spring resorts on the northern island of Hokkaido.

World Spa

Eight floors of onsen, saunas and swimming pools ... Customers will not go to Spa World for an authentic Japanese spa.

Little known and frequented by tourists, the onsen Jakotsu-Yu is nevertheless popular with the regulars come to relax after a long day of work.

Jakotsu-Yu Onsen

A neighborhood onsen that was founded in the Edo period (1603-1868), the Jakotsu-Yu (蛇 骨湯) in Asakusa has kept its simplicity and its clientele. Have a nice dip.

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Museums and Galleries

History and art being very rich in Japan, there are many museums and galleries. Find our selection of the best visits!

House Kawai Kanjiro

The house of Kawai Kanjiro

"When you become so absorbed in your work that beauty naturally arises, your work becomes a true work of art" Kawai Kanjiro in his essay, we do not work alone (1953).

Fruit of the architect Takahiko Yanagisawa of Contemporary Art Tokyo Museum was inaugurated in 1995.

MOT - Contemporary Art Museum

A problem of distance. If contemporary art suffers from a reputation of being difficult to access, the museum dedicated to it in the Japanese capital suffers from the same illness.

Kyoto National Museum

Kyoto National Museum

A gallery devoted to Asian art, the Kyoto National Museum creates a dialogue about works from not only Japan but Korea and China as well.

The present Miraikan Tsunagari, a huge globe suspended in the air on several levels.

Miraikan, the Museum of Science and Innovation

Japanese technology in all its forms: robots, space adventures and a planetarium. Welcome to the future.

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Outdoor Activities

Are you a fan of sports and hiking? Discover the best places to enjoy the charm of Japanese nature!

Beaches on the Shimanami Kaido

Shimanami Kaido

Beloved by cycling enthusiasts, the Setouchi bike path called the Shimanami Kaido, is known worldwide.



Cinquante petites minutes au sortirdu Ginkakuji et vous voilà dominantKyoto et ses alentours.

Mount Misen

Climbing Mount Misen

Mount Misen is the perfect place to admire the Bay of Miyajima, peaking at five hundred and thirty five meters above the sea level. A must on the island!

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji from the 5th station to the summit

Kawaguchi-ko is the fifth of the ten "stations" of Mount Fuji. Buses transport floods of tourists here, climbing with difficulty to 2,300 meters above sea level, and eventually arrive...

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Events and Festivals

There are many matsuri throughout the year, which are a must in Japanese culture! Don't miss any of these festivities during your trip.

Kyo Odori

Kyo Odori

Lerideau se lève sur des poupées de porcelaines. Le Kyo Odori célèbre l'arrivéedu printemps par des chants et des danses qu'exécutent les geiko (geisha) et les apprenties, les maïko.

Festival-ichi Fushigi

Fushigi-ichi Festival

At Yokogawa Station station on the third weekend of April, the streets are invaded by characters from Japanese cartoons for a unique and popular show.

Each district Kawagoe manufactures its own tank to challenge others in the course of Kawagoe Matsuri.

Kawagoe Matsuri

Thirty minutes by train seperate Kawagoe from central Tokyo. That is nothing when it comes to discovering its amazing festival, which is held every third weekend of October.

Lanterns memorial ceremony in Hiroshima

Remembrance Ceremony

August 6th, 1945 ... This date rings in the ears of an entire country, like a heartbreaking cry.

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Shopping and Souvenirs

Discover the best places to bring back souvenirs from your trip!

Pâtisserie des Rêves

La Patisserie des Rêves

The talented French pastry chef Philippe Conticini, known in France for his delicious Paris-Brest pastries, has exported his know-how of flavors, and his talent for evoking childhood memories throu

Shop Ikawa Tateguten

Portes coulissantes: Ikawa Tategu-ten

Dans combien delivres, dans combien de films, les shoji,ces portes coulissantes en bois et dont les parois en papier filtrentavec délicatesse les rayons du soleil, se sont faites complices demeurtr



Teramachi street is full of perfect souvenirs to remember your stay in Japan long after you've returned.

Store the size of a whole neighborhood behind Ueno Park, Matsuzakaya remains a monument of the commercial history of Japan.


A store the size of an entire neighborhood behind the Ueno Park, Matsuzakaya remains a monument of Japan's commercial history.

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Restaurants and Cafes

Japanese gastronomy is recognized as one of the finest and richest in the world. We give you the best addresses to make your culinary journey a success!

Tosho tofu restaurant in Hiroshima


Japanese cuisine never ceases to surprise. Textures improbable, unexpected tastes, there is always something to amaze our taste buds. The adventurous should definitely go to Tosho restaurant.



En contrebas de larue Imadegawa, l’imposante façade rouge du Masutani attire l’œil.

Restaurant Mangyoku


French restaurant in Kyoto, Le Bouchon

Le Bouchon

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Markets in Japan

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the Japanese by browsing our selection of the best markets in Japan!

Flea Market Toji

Toji flea market

Neufheures en automne, neuf heures en hiver, neuf heures au printemps,neuf heures en été… Chaque vingt et un du mois à la même heure,les alentours du temple Toji s’animent. 

Flea Kitano Tenmangû

The Fleamarket at Kitano Tenmangu

On the twenty-fifth of each month, the second largest flea market in Kyoto is held in the enclosure around the shrine Kitano Tenmangû. A good opportunity to buy some souvenirs, especially if you mi

Sellers Market Jinya-mae

Jinya-mae market

An essential Takayama tradition is called Asa-ichi. Behind this name hides the small morning market where fresh produce and local crafts are found.

The famous portico marking the entrance of the avenue Ameya Yokocho to Ueno.

Ameya Yokocho

The hoarse voices of grandmothers calling out out from behind their stalls, traders dealing customers.The smells of fresh fish, spices and candy tempt passersby. The liveliness of Ameya Yokocho nev

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Family Travel

Are you travelling with your children or are you a theme park fan? Discover the best places to have fun with young and old!

Chupea Pool

Chupea Pool

A few kilometers from the center of Hiroshima, the open air pool complex Chupea Pool enchants its swimmers.

The Ueno Zoo was the first zoo in Japan receive a pair of Chinese panda.

Ueno Zoo

The oldest zoo in Japan proves to be a key component of the Sino-Japanese diplomacy.

Cabs Purikura photo booths no Mecca of Shibuya, more fun and playful than our classic photo booth.

Purikura No. Mecca

The purikura, Japanese photobooths, prove to be a fun experience worth trying.

Kodomo no Shiro, the Children's Castle

The wonderful Children's Castle closed recently after 30 years of good and loyal service to their Majesties, the little children.

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Japanese Pop Culture

Manga, anime, video games... Japanese pop culture is seducing the whole world! Discover the best of these cultural phenomena.

The Pokémon Cafe

A brand new Pokémon cafe opened in Tokyo on March 14th. What a delight for fans of the Pokémon franchise, hugely popular in Japan and elsewhere!

Besides being the mark of Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo, the Tokyo Dome also hosts concerts of the greatest Japanese and international artists.

Tokyo Dome

The bat hits the ball with a smack. A thunderous applause rises from the stands, where sixty thousand fans roar together like a lion.

In Tokyo (Japan), bars expose curious cat (neko) to keep company with customers: Welcome to the neko cafe.

Nekorobi Cat Café

The neko café or cat café remains a good way to meet the Japanese and compensate for the lack of your favorite animal during a trip to the archipelago.

Henn na Hotel

The dinosaur and the beautiful humanoid... That sounds like quite the tale. This is actually the team that welcomes you to Henn-na Hotel!

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In the big Japanese cities, the nightlife is often very lively and it would be a shame to miss it during your trip to Japan. Enjoy it by browsing through our best places to have a good night out in Japan!

View of the Ace Café

Ace Café

The waitresses dressed in maid (maid) of the Home Café will call you master.

Home Café

In the electric Akihabara, do not hesitate to stop at Home Café, where waitresses dressed as maids serve you coffee or snacks to the sound of "okaerinasai!" ("Welcome home!").

Sky Lounge Bar

Sky Lounge

The lobby of the National Theatre in Tokyo provides access to two rooms of the building.

Tokyo National Theatre

Tokyo National Theatre hosts kabuki (spectacular scenic entertainment) and bunraku (puppet theater, born in Osaka in the seventeenth century) performances.

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