Tailor-made Tours in Japan

Explore Japan differently through unique and exclusive experiences!

Are you considering visiting Japan, but you're not sure where to begin? If touring with a group isn't your style or you can't find what you're looking for on our catalog of self-guided tours, designing a custom tour might be the perfect option for you.

A trip that's entirely flexible and unique: multiple types of transportation options (trains, cars, boats...), different accommodation options, original activities, personalized itineraries... Organize your dream trip with our experts! Booking a tailor-made tour allows you to travel with 4 key advantages:

100% Customized

With our tailor-made tours, you are the architect of your itineraries in Japan.

Plan your trip with our local experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for Japan.

Unique Lodging

We have a privileged network of local partners working with our onsite team.

This means we can offer you a diverse and unique choice of accommodations.

Amazing Activities

This vast network of partners also offers you a wide choice of activities.

Don't just see Japan, experience its deeply interesting culture, arts & folklore with activities!

Best Transportation

By train, by car, by boat... With our tailor-made tours, we'll get you the best transportation options.

You'll get to experience Japan travel through all means of transportation, and get everywhere you need!

Meet our Travel Planners

Japan Experience has been organizing top-notch trips to Japan for more than 40 years.

All of our travel planners have either lived in Japan or visited it more than once, and have extensive knowledge of Japan, making sure that you visit and experience the best that Japan has to offer.

Regardless of your interests, our travel planners are local experts who know all the best places to dine, stay, and explore, including both well-known attractions and undiscovered hidden gems. We'll customize your trip to Japan to fit your individual interests and needs, and we'll make sure you have the most amazing experiences.

Our promise is to provide extraordinary experiences for all our customers. Find more about our travel planners by clicking here .

How can our Travel Planners assist you in building your travel plan?

Build your customized itinerary

Our Travel Planners are here to craft the trip of your dreams with you. They'll be able to use their invaluable Japan experience to help you make your dream itinerary realistic.

Because they have already traveled Japan through and through, they'll be able to optimize your itinerary and materialize your ideas into an actually feasible and interesting route.

Give you local insight into Japan

Just as they'll be able to craft your tour's itinerary thanks to their extensive knowledge, our Travel Planners will give you their best tips & tricks.

Thanks to real-life experience, you'll skip the unnecessary sights and be given hidden gems recommendations. Secret spots to eat, to visit or even just to see the sunset... Follow the guide!

Craft a travel guidebook for you

Along with your tailor-made tour, you will receive a personalized digital travel guidebook (that can be printed, of course). In it, you'll find everything you need for your trip.

Carefully created by our team, this travel guidebook will also be a valuable asset to help you: see it as a condensed version of all our Japan knowledge!

Why book a tailor-made tour with Japan Experience?

Here at Japan Experience, our tours are imagined, built, crafted and carried out by the same team. A team that's been driven by the same passion: turning your dream trip to Japan into a reality. This makes us your perfect partner for your trip to Japan, for 3 reasons: 

  1. We offer the best advice. We specialize only in Japan travel, meaning we know the country inside and out. Our team is made exclusively of passionate individuals having either lived or traveled extensively in Japan. Activities, accommodation... Unique spots and things to do, to create a trip that'll be personalized for you ! Of course, our team also has plenty of secret travel recommendations they'll share with you. As we're already doing with our over 5,000 articles of Japan travel advice.
  2. We offer the best prices. Thanks to being 100% focused on Japan travel, we have a unique network of local partners who work daily with our local team in Japan, as well as our international team making multiple trips a year to negotiate the best deals for you. This means we have a direct relationship with our local partners, which means cheaper travels for you: no intermediaries taking a cut.
  3. We guarantee a safe trip. Indeed, our sales team, our booking team and our assistance team are all in-house and work together to build your trip. Over 40 years of experience, multiple offices across the world, thousands of travelers trusting us every year, countless partnerships with media & influencers... Japan Experience is a leader in the Japan travel field. Oh, and we're also the 1st worldwide seller of the Japan Rail Pass.

How to book a Custom Japan Tour with Japan Experience?

Personalized Consultation

Share with us the main points of your itinerary, along with the dates, preferences you prefer during your visit and budget.

Customized Itinerary

Your dream journey takes shape here.

We design a personalized itinerary with the cities, lodgings, and activities of your choice, based on our experience and your goals.

Booking and Confirmation

Once your ideal itinerary is set, we handle the rest.

Pay your deposit and step into a world where all your travel arrangements are meticulously taken care of.

Pre-Trip Support

Our dedicated team remains at your service for any last-minute queries, before and during your trip, ensuring you embark on your journey with confidence and excitement.


Frequently Asked Questions about Tailor-Made Tours

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