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A “cookie” is a text file which is apt to be created on your computer (or any other terminal) when you consult our website.

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Two major categories of cookie are used in our website:

Firstly, the cookies which we generate ourselves on our website

Secondly, cookies generated by third parties


The cookies we generate on our website are used for the following purposes:

Cookies which are necessary for our website to function: these cookies are intended to allow our website to function. They are therefore necessary for browsing our website as well as for application of security measures, for example in terms of identification on the site/

User preference cookies: these cookies are used to adapt the presentation of our website to the configurations of your terminal (notably display preferences).

Statistics and website traffic cookies: these cookies allow us to obtain statistics and establish the volume of traffic and use of our website. These cookies allow us to optimize the way our website functions.

User sessions cookies: these cookies allow us to recognize you when you come back to our website in order to help you to find content and personalized areas (shopping basket, services subscribed to, etc.),

Advertising cookies: these cookies aim to record your visit to our website as well as the pages you have visited and the links you have followed in order to propose products and services which are likely to interest you.


Due to the third-party applications which are integrated into our website, certain cookies can be generated by organizations other than JAPAN EXPERIENCE when you are browsing our website.

Third-party cookies are not configured by JAPAN EXPERIENCE but by third parties acting on their own behalf. We do not control these cookies. Generation and use of these cookies are subject to the cookie policies of these third parties.

Third-party cookies notably include:

  • advertising cookies

These aim to personalize and/or improve content and browsing by proposing services which are likely to interest you on our website or on other websites. All information collected is anonymous.

  • Cookies for sharing via social networks

Our website is likely to include computing applications provided by third parties to allow you to share our content via social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter by using the “Share” or “Like” buttons.

The social network which supplies such an application button is likely to identify you thanks to this button, even if you have not used it during to your visit to our website but if your social network account is activated on your terminal (session open) when you browse our website.

These sites configure their own cookies that we cannot control. These social networking sites may have their own policies regarding use of cookies, which should be available on their own websites. In order to be sure that you accept them, you will need to consult these policies.



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