Terms and Conditions of Sale


In accordance with articles L211-8 and L211-18 of the tourism code, the provisions of articles R211-5 to R211-13 of the tourism code, as reproduced in the text below, are not applicable to booking or sales operations relating to travel tickets which are not part of a tourist package. The brochure, quote, proposal and organiser's programme shall be contractual upon signing the registration form.

In the absence of a brochure, quote, programme or proposal, before the user signs this document, it shall constitute prior information, as stated in article R211-7 of the tourism code. It shall be null and void if not signed within 24 hours from the time of issue.

In the event of assignment of the contract, the assignor and/or assignee are bound to pay the resulting fees beforehand. Where these fees exceed the sums displayed at the sales outlet and those stated in the contractual documents, documentary evidence shall be provided.

Vivre le Japon has taken out an insurance contract with HISCOX 19 rue Louis le Grand 75002 Paris, guaranteeing its professional civil liability up to 3 800 000 Euros.

Article L211-7
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
This section applies to the operations and activities listed in article L. 211-1, in the last paragraph of article L. 211-3 and article L. 211-4.

However, it only applies to the following operations where these take place as part of a tourist package as defined in article L. 211-2 :

a) Booking and sale of air travel tickets or other regular service travel tickets;

b) Seasonal furnished lets, which are governed by the aforementioned law no. 70-9 of 2 January 1970 and by the texts taken for its application.

Article L211-8
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The seller shall inform the interested parties, in writing prior to concluding the contract, of the content of the services offered in relation to the provision of transport and the break, the price and payment terms, the contract cancellation terms and the border crossing terms.

Article L211-9 En savoir plus sur cet article...
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The seller is bound by the prior information requirement set out in article L. 211-8, unless changes to this information have been made in writing and are brought to the knowledge of the interested parties before concluding the contract.

Changes may only be made to the prior information if the seller expressly reserves the right to do this.

Article L211-10
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The contract concluded between the seller and the buyer must include, in accordance with the terms set by regulation, all information on the names and addresses of the organiser, the seller, the guarantor and the insurer, the description of the services provided, the reciprocal rights and obligations of the parties, particularly in terms of prices, schedules, payment terms and possible price changes, cancellation or assignment of the contract, and information provided to the buyer before the start of the trip or break.

Article L211-11
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The buyer may assign their contract, after having informed the seller within a time period set by regulation before the start of the trip or break, to a person meeting all the conditions required for the trip or break. The assignor and assignee are jointly responsible towards the seller for payment of the balance of the price, as well as any additional fees resulting from this assignment.

Article L211-12
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The prices set out in the contract may not be revised, unless the contract expressly makes provision for the possibility of a revision, either upwards or downwards, and determines the precise methods of calculation, solely to take account of variations:

a) In the cost of transport, in particular linked to the cost of fuel;

b) Charges and taxes relating to the services offered, such as landing, embarkation or disembarkation taxes at ports and airports;

c) Exchange rates applied to the trip or break in question.

During the thirty days preceding the planned departure date, the price set in the contract may not be increased.

Article L211-13
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
If, before departure, the seller is unable to comply with one of the essential terms of the contract due to an external event beyond their control, they must alert the buyer as soon as possible and inform them of their right to either terminate the contract, or accept the amendment proposed by the seller.

This notice and information must be confirmed in writing to the buyer, who must state their choice as soon as possible. If they terminate the contract, the buyer is entitled to a full refund of the sums they have paid, without incurring any penalties or fees.

This article shall also apply in the event of a significant change to the price in the contract implemented in accordance with the terms set out in article L. 211-12.

Article L211-14
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
If, before departure, the seller terminates the contract in the absence of any fault on the part of the buyer, all sums paid by the latter shall be returned to them, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by them.

Article L211-15
Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
If, after departure, one of the essential terms of the contract cannot be met, the seller must offer the buyer services as a replacement for those which they have not supplied, except where this can be proven to be impossible.

The seller shall cover any resulting price supplements or shall refund the difference in price between the services planned and the services supplied.

If the buyer does not accept the proposed change, the seller must provide them with the travel tickets they need for their return journey, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by them.


Registration and payment

1. To be regarded as final, a registration is submitted when it is made more than 35 days before the departure date, after payment of a deposit for 35% of the total amount for the services.
For any registration less than 35 days before the departure date, payment must only be made once for the full amount of the trip. 
Registration will only be regarded as final after receipt of payment and when the registration form has been correctly completed and signed.
An extension of your stay for a tour is possible if the booking is made at the time of registration. 
A costs of €100 per person will be charged in addition to the price of additional services. The purchase of domestic flights without landing services and or without an international flight involves the invoicing for the booking costs for €50 per person. The amount for insurance premiums taken out by the customer for their trip is paid when booking and after the payment of the deposit or any other sum sent by the customer with their registration form.

2. The invoice will be sent to the customer in the 8 days following registration. The balance of the amount for the trip should be paid without a reminder from us, at the latest 35 days before the departure date, any delay paying the balance may be considered as a cancellation for which the application of the cancellation costs referred to in Article 4 below will be made.


Trip information

Japan Experience issues this information on Japan for all French nationals.
People of other nationalities must seek the information, before undertaking a trip, on the administrative and health formalities required from the competent embassies or consulates.
It is up to the customer to check that their documents are correct before the trip. You are strongly advised to check all information with the authorities concerned. Japan Experience may not, in any case be held responsible for consequences of non-compliance by the customer with police, customs or health regulations, prior and during the trip. A customer who is unable to board a flight or fails to submit the documents required, may not claim any refund. 
Japan Experience strongly recommends you regularly consult the sheet per country from the Ministry of Foreign affairs concerning your trip. Japan Experience would like to bring your attention to the fact that the information that can change before the departure date, it is advisable to consult it regularly.


House Rental

Cancellation terms and conditions
If the client has to cancel his/her rental after signing the contract, he/she shall inform Japan Experience by sending as soon as possible a registered letter: the mailing date will be considered for invoicing the cancellation costs.

Scale of total cancellation costs:

  • 4-2 months before the stay: 25% of the booking amount will be charged
  • 2-1 months before the stay: 50% of the booking amount will be charged
  • Less than a month before arrival: 100% of the amount of the reservation will be charged

Please note that booking fees are not refundable for reservations made before Novembre 18th 2015.

Cancellation insurance
The guarantee shall only refund cancellation fees in case of an attested incapacity to travel caused by one of the following reasons :

  • Severe physical injury or death of the customer or of a member of their immediate family.
  •  Important material degradations or robbery having recently taken place at the customer's home or at his professional office.
  •  Economic layoff of the customer.
  •  Legal or administrative summoning of the customer (attested).
  •  New salaried employment.
  •  Tourist Visa refused by Japanese authorities.
  •  Professional transfer forcing the customer to move out.
  •  The loss or the robbery of the customer's identity documents or transport tickets essential to his trip within the 48 hours preceding his departure.

 However, the following are not reimbursed:

  • Booking Fees (only for reservations made before Novembre 18th 2015)
  • The cost of Insurance (paid at the time of booking).


Air Transport 

1-Japan Experience will contact you during your registration with the identity of the air carrier, known on this date, likely to be ensuring the flight. If this changes,  Japan Experience  undertakes to keep you informed before your departure of any change to the identity of the air carrier.

Japan Experience undertakes to ensure that all airlines used to depart from France will be admitted, by the competent administrative authorities to serve France.

2- In accordance with the Warsaw convention, the airline may have to modify, without prior notice, schedules and/or the itinerary.
These amendments as well as any technical incident external to Japan Experience, any delay, cancellation, strikes, additional stopovers, change of equipment, routes, political events, or weather cannot justify the client waiving payment for the trip or the payment of any compensation by Japan Experience.

Tickets issued in respect of certain public prices by the airlines and/or certain promotional rates negotiated will entail the invoicing of 100% of the costs in the case of cancellation regardless of the date.
Given the issue times imposed by certain airlines, we have to issue tickets sixty days before departure or immediately when booking. As soon as these tickets have been issued and regardless of the cancellation date, cancellation costs corresponding to 100% of the ticket price will be charged.



Registration requests for minors must be signed by the father, mother or legal guardian and bear the words "agreement of the father, mother or legal guardian". They must also hold the identity documents required required for the trip with a permit to leave mainland France. Finally, a telephone number and address must be provided enabling to the child or the person responsible to establish a direct link.

Cancellation due to insufficient number of participants

We may exceptionally be forced to cancel a departure if the number of participants registered is lower than the minimum required as featured in the brochures or in the other supports for our travel offers (online, press, etc.) for each trip.
This decision will be communicated to you at the latest 22 days before the departure date originally laid down.
This provision would lead to the full reimbursement of any money that you have paid.
We will also aim to offer you a choice of equivalent trips.


In accordance with the law, we may have to amend our prices and programmes to take account:

  • changes in the cost of transport, related in particular to fuel costs.
  • changes to fees and taxes related to the services provided such as landing, boarding or disembarking fees.
  • exchange rate changes applied to the trip or stay concerned.

In this case the part that can be re-assessed is equal to the amount of local land services paid by  
Japan Experience  in the local currency. The reference prices used for the calculation is indicated when signing the registration form, the price is fixed and final on that date. It is expressed in € and may not be amended by any of the parties except in cases authorised by law mentioned above.

If the price changes, Japan Experience undertakes to inform the customer by mail more than 30 days before the departure date.


Land services

Japan Experience sells land services.

Any unused services in Japan will not be refunded. The services in Japan voluntarily modified are subject to the conditions of the local providers: any additional or replacement services generating a surcharge must be settled directly with the local agencies and may not, in any case incur the liability of Japan Experience; no unused services will be refunded.

Single room and triple room

A customer who is registered alone and has opted for a single room will be charged the supplement at the time of booking for guided tours.
However, if we find a person willing to share their room, we will minus that supplement at the time of booking from the balance.
We would like to draw your attention to the comfort of the single room which has a smaller area than a double room despite the fact that its rate is more than half of a double room.
Price based on 3 people: a double room + folding bed (this service is not comfortable for 3 adults, we recommend a single room in this case).
If the 3rd person wants a single room, the supplement will be invoiced.

Tour cancellation conditions and costs

If the customer is obliged to cancel their trip after signing the registration form, they must notify this to Japan Experience by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, as soon as possible. The sending date will be retained as the cancellation date for the invoicing of the cancellation costs.

Scale of cancellation costs:
1- Until 35 days prior to departure: 10%
2- From 35 to 21 days prior to departure: 25%
3- From 20 to 8 days prior to departure: 50%
4- From 7 to 3 days prior to departure: 75%
5- From 2 to departing day : 100%



Japan Experience offers you, when registering for one of our services, taking out extra insurance with our partner Europe Assistance, 1 Promenade de la Bonnette 92230 Genevilliers.

Taking out one of the insurance contracts must be done when paying the deposit, and may not take place after any deposit payment.
Please contact your advisor concerning the insurance rates when deciding to register for one of our services. An individual contract will be provided for you with all the conditions and guarantees subject to your contract insurance.


Japan Rail Pass

The Japan Rail Pass exchange voucher issued by Japan Experience is refundable up to one year after its date of issue. The fees deducted are 15% of the total cost of the tickets. Ticket postage costs are not refundable.

If you lose your Japan Rail Pass, reimbursement can only occur  if the pass has not been exchanged and 4 months from the issue date of the exchange coupon. The cancellation fee remains 15% as long as there is validation from our supplier that the exchange coupon has not been exchanged.

Japan Experience is not responsible for any denied exchange of the voucher for the Japan Rail Pass once in Japan, regardless of the reason.

Car rental

Online reservation
Japan Experience will confirm your reservation when we receive our partner Nissan rent-a-car’s reply based on the criteria entered into the form, usually within 48 hours. The availability of vehicles depends on our partner.
In the event that the vehicle of your choice is not available, we will suggest a replacement car for you.
If you arrive at the rental agency without all of the requested documentation, Nissan rent-a-car reserves the right to refuse rental, without remuneration on our part.

This information is provided in detail in the specific conditions of the service provider.

The price includes:
  • Rental of the vehicle and options selected
  • Mandatory Nissan rent-a-car insurance policy (personal liability, etc.)
  • Pickup and return of the vehicle (repatriation costs based on the distance between agencies used are applied if the vehicle is returned to a different agency than the one at which it is picked up).
  • Unlimited mileage
  • VAT
If the contract is changed during the rental period:
  • Additional costs are applied if the contract is extended
  • Repatriation costs are applied following a change in the agency where the vehicle is returned.
Child seats are mandatory in Japan for children under 6 years old.

Details of payment
Rental fees are to be paid on site at the agency when the vehicle is picked up.
Prices are based on the exchange rate of the yen and may therefore change.

Cancellation fees
- Until 24h before the beginning of the rental period : no cancellation fee
- Within 24h before the beginning of the rental period : 100% of the amount of the reservation will be charged

Note that the booking fees are not refundable.
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