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Important : Currently our SIM cards are not compatible with all models of Google Pixel.

If you have one of these models, we suggest using our Pocket Wifi.

Short-term Japan SIM card options for tourists

Traveling to Japan can be an amazing experience, but staying connected while on the go can be a challenge. 

In Japan, SIM cards are widely used by both locals and tourists alike to access mobile networks and stay connected while on the go. Japan has a number of mobile network operators, each offering different types of SIM cards with varying features and pricing. If you plan to visit Japan and need to stay connected, getting a SIM card is a convenient and practical option.

Our prepaid Japan SIM cards offer high-speed internet access which you can use with your mobile phone or other mobile devices.


Why should I get a SIM card for my trip to Japan?

When traveling to Japan, it's important to stay connected with family and friends, as well as keep up with work and other obligations. A SIM card is an essential accessory for any visitor to Japan, either on a leisure or business trip: simply because it helps you have access to unlimited data anywhere while traveling across the country. 

Japan has some of the world's fastest and most reliable mobile networks, making it easy to stay connected and make voice calls. However, WiFi access is not as common as in some other countries, even in Tokyo city or at Tokyo International Airport, and its speed can be highly dependent on the number of people connected to a hotspot. If you want to stay connected 24/7 during your trip and avoid expensive roaming fees, our data SIM cards are the perfect solution.

Our data SIM cards are a good option for those who want to access the internet and to be always connected with their loved ones. It gives you access to your emails and online messaging services. With fast speeds, you can instantly share your travel stories on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. 

Because the pricing and features of various Japanese SIM cards can differ significantly, it is essential to compare your options carefully before buying. Our Japan SIM Card provides the best quality and value plan. 


Does this SIM Card cover all of Japan?

Yes, our Japan SIM Card covers the entire territory of Japan.

There are several SIM card providers in Japan, including major carriers such as SoftBank, NTT Docomo, and au, as well as virtual mobile network operators such as Rakuten Mobile, and Sakura Mobile. Our provider, NTT Docomo, is the provider which has the largest network coverage, providing 4G LTE service in almost all areas of Japan, including remote areas and mountainous regions.

Japan has strict regulations on mobile network services to ensure customers receive high-quality and reliable mobile services. Therefore, SIM card coverage and network quality are generally excellent throughout Japan.


Can I make a voice call with this SIM card?

Our Japan SIM cards are reserved for internet data use only and cannot be used for voice calls or text messages via SMS, or MMS. However, you can make voice calls through apps like WhatsApp, Line, or any other software enabling voice and text messages.


How will I receive my SIM Card after purchase?

We offer easy and convenient international delivery of our SIM cards directly to your home address before your trip to Japan

Upon your arrival, you can activate your SIM card at the airport terminal without the hassle. You will be all set and ready when you land.


Useful information:

  • High-speed internet access : 4G LTE access. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It's a term used for the particular type of 4G that delivers a fast mobile Internet experience. You'll usually see it called 4G LTE (often found in the corner of your phone screen, where you see the classic service “bars”). 
  • Valid for a period of use from 8 to 31 consecutive days. Choose between an 8-day plan, a 16-day plan or a 31-day plan! (the period of use begins when the SIM card is activated on your mobile device).
  • We recommend that you insert the sim card into your smartphone as soon as you arrive at the airport.
  • International delivery to your home address, before your departure to Japan and activation possible upon your arrival at the airport terminal.
  • Installation is simple and it can be done in a few minutes. A paper user manual is sent with the SIM card.
  • Compatible with the majority of devices, including Android phones, iPhones, and iPads. (No Google Pixel)
  • The SIM card only works with unlocked devices. Please contact your carrier to check your device is unlocked.
  • Reserved for internet data use only, it does not allow you to make and receive phone calls or send SMS and MMS.
  • The speed of the connection is based on the availability of the Japanese network, it may vary depending on the number of users connected to the network.
  • Due to the fair use policy of the network provider (Docomo), if an excessive amount of data is used in a short period (more than 6 GB of data used within 2 days), the connection speed may temporarily slow down. 6 GB of data represents more than enough data for a traveler while visiting Japan, representing 5 hours of videos on Youtube in FullHD. If you want to use the internet in an unlimited way without having any slowdown problems, we advise you to rent a Pocket WiFi instead. * If your total data usage reaches 50GB, then the speed will be reduced to 200kbps until the end of period.
  • Tethering is available. Please turn on portable hotspot on your device and switch off WIFI connection.
  • If your devices are not applicable with Band 1(2,0GHZ) and 3(1,7GHZ), your phone cannot access the internet with our internet products.
  • If your devices are not applicable with Band 19(800MHZ), the internet could be unstable in the countryside.


Order online now, receive the SIM card at your address before you travel to Japan, and make the most of your trip by experiencing the best of what Japanese culture has to offer!

 Do you have any questions on how to use our Japan SIM card? Read our User Guide 


Most Frequently Asked Questions about our Japan SIM Cards

Whether you're planning a short trip or a longer stay, having a SIM card that works in Japan can help you stay connected and make the most of your time in this beautiful country. From coverage and network options to purchasing and activation, we've got you covered. 

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