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Driver's license

> Before placing an order, please carefully read the terms of the driver's licence translation service below.

Did you know?


That, in Japan, the International Driving Permit is not valid for licence holders of the following countries: France, Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Slovenia, Belgium and Taiwan.

If your driver’s licence was issued in one of these countries you will have to request a Japanese translation of your licence. You will then be able to drive in Japan with your original driver's licence and the translation.

To make organizing your trip easier we can take care of these formalities for you.




All you need to give us to request the translation are:

  • A color copy of both sides of your licence 
  • The address where you would like to receive your translation
  • The date on which you plan to travel to Japan


We will provide you with your driver's licence translation within 4 weeks, for the price of USD 80 or equivalent.

The driver licence translation is however non refundable.




Our competence

Our bilingual team of specialists in Japan will take care of all formalities

Peace of mind

You will not have to make calls or take care of international mail. Our team will take care of everything

Time saving 

You just need to give us a color copy of your driving licence and your translation will be waiting for you at our office or will be sent directly to you. 

Contact us

Do you have a question? Please visit our Common Questions page or contact by email or phone at +44 (0)20 3514 6932.



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