Cultural Escape to Okinawa island

Embark on a self-driven journey from Naha, exploring the largest island of the Okinawa archipelago by car. This unique getaway offers an in-depth experience of the island's distinct culture

The package includes accommodations (with a night in glamping), car rental, judo activity, shiisa-making, and a guided day in Yanbaru. 
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IMPORTANT: If your driving license was issued in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, or Taiwan, it is not valid in Japan, so you will need a certified Japanese translation, available in option.

6 days / 5 nights itinerary from Naha

  • Departure city : Naha
  • Naha 
  • Uruma 
  • Nago 
  • Return city : Naha

Please find detailed itinerary information below. 
Note: to participate in the excursion, it is necessary to arrive in Naha at least one day prior to the start, as the excursion starts at 9 AM on the first day and conclude around 4 PM on the final day. Please plan your flights accordingly.

Why choosing this excursion?

  1. Explore Okinawa's largest island by car and immerse yourself in its rich culture 
  2. Enjoy iconic regional activities including an introduction to karate and local crafts
  3. Walk with an expert guide through Yanbaru Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  4. Stay four nights in a 3-star hotel and one night in glamping accommodations
  5. Experience Okinawa's beaches and crystal-clear waters
  6. Access recommendations in your digital travel guidebook.

Your excursion in detail


  • Day 1 : Naha, the vibrant, cultural & historical hub

    Pick up your rental car in the morning at Naha. 

    Time to drive around to explore the city and its surroundings. 
    Explore one of the island's most renowned shrines, an architectural gem majestically perched above the sea, and one of Naha's most iconic streets, a haven for shopping and local curiosities. 

    Enjoy a well-deserved meal in a typical Ryukyu culture restaurant. In the afternoon, continue to a mesmerizing royal garden and Shuri Castle, the former royal residence of the Ryukyu Kingdom, rich with history and culture. 

    End the day with an authentic experience of ancient karate (included in your excursion), in its birthplace. 

    Highlight of the day: our favorite shabu-shabu style dinner (all our best adresses in your travel diary). 

    Check in at your hotel. 

    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are at your expense.

  • Day 2 : Heading North meeting Okinawan Culture

    Breakfast at your hotel. 

    Start your day by driving to the ruins of an ancient UNESCO World Heritage castle, a testament to the region's rich history. Then, if the weather permits, take a moment to enjoy one of the island's beautiful beaches

    Okinawa's culture is deeply intertwined with American culture, making a visit to the famous American Village a must, where you can enjoy a local curry for lunch (recommendation in your travel diary). 

    Your day continues in Chatan near the coast for inspiring views before heading to Uruma to explore unique caves with ancient formations. 

    After a typical dinner, head to your glamping site for an extraordinary experience. 

    Lunch and dinner are at your expense.

  • Day 3 : Embracing Okinawan Culture

    Breakfast near your hotel. 

    Begin your day in Onna by visiting a theme park on traditional Okinawan culture.
    Continue to discover one of Okinawa's most spectacular viewpoints. Depending on the weather and your preferences, in Nago, choose between exploring a park known for its cherry blossoms and picturesque landscapes, or relaxing on a tranquil beach

    End your day by heading to your hotel in Nago. 

    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are at your expense.

  • Day 4 : The Emblem of Okinawa

    Breakfast at your hotel. 

    Head to the coast to discover one of the island's most famous sites: the Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu, known for its whale sharks and manta rays. 

    If the season allows, consider visiting another of Okinawa's emblematic beaches nearby, famous for its turquoise waters

    After lunch, engage in a hands-on activity to create a unique souvenir: crafting a shiisa, the guardian lion statues of Okinawa. 

    Drive to explore more island landscapes and enjoy panoramic views from Kouri Island, capturing Okinawa's charm. After dinner, return to your hotel in Nago. 

    Lunch and dinner are at your expense.

  • Day 5 : Natural Exploration

    Start your day with breakfast at your hotel and set off for a guided day in Yanbaru with our local expert!

    Your first stop is a lookout point offering breathtaking views. It's the perfect spot for a scenic lunch while appreciating the landscape. 

    Next, you will head towards an impressive waterfall and continue the day with a visit to a geological park, renowned for its uniquely shaped rock formations. Your day will wrap up with a stop at a notable cape known for its ocean views and cliffs

    Return to Nago in the early evening to get back to your hotel.

  • Day 6 : Back to Naha

    Breakfast at your hotel. 

    Drive south for the final leg, heading to Nanjo to discover the most sacred site in Okinawa, said to be the birthplace of the Ryukyu Kingdom

    Continue your day with a visit to a theme park featuring magnificent caves adorned with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, offering deeper insights into Okinawan culture. 

    Have lunch on-site and then head to Itoman to visit a memorial that opens a window into the island's history. 

    Return the car to our partner before 6 PM. 

    Lunch and dinner are at your expense.

    Included in your self-guided excursion

  • Accommodation

    - 4 nights in a 3-star hotel 
    - 1 night in glamping 

    The base rate includes a twin room.

  • Transportation

    - 6-day car rental starting from Naha.

  • Visits & meals

    - Breakfasts except in glamping
    - One guided day with a regional expert in Yanbaru

    Other services

  • Other services

    - 7/7 telephone assistance in English and Japanese bilingual


  • Not included in the price

    - Personal expenses including lunches & dinners 
    - Anything not listed under "Included in Your Excursion"

More information about your trip

Your excursion:

- The prices displayed on this page may vary depending on the exchange rate of the Japanese yen. 

- Unfortunately, this excursion is not accessible to people with reduced mobility. 

- Pets are not allowed. 

- This program may be subject to changes due to imperatives such as weather conditions or other force majeure events. Please note that due to the current situation, all mentioned information is subject to change or adaptation. 

- Booking for this excursion must be made at least 1 month before the start date. For example, for a stay beginning July 1, 2024, the booking deadline is May 30, 2024. 

- In summer in Okinawa, temperatures generally reach high levels, sometimes up to 35 degrees Celsius, with a hot and humid climate. Consider these weather conditions if planning to book during this period. 

- Your travel documents will be sent to you by email before your departure. 

- For internet access, reserve your e-sim with Japan Experience for an additional fee.

Your accommodation:

- Some hotels may ask for a tourist tax at check-in. This varies by city and hotel, as some do not include it in the booking cost. It's usually around 200¥/night/person (approximately 1.60€), payable in cash at the hotel reception. 

- Single Room: Solo travelers or those wishing for a single room must pay a supplement when booking. Note that if a single room supplement is added for a booking of more than 2 people, it will be applied in all accommodations except in ryokans (3 and 4-star). In ryokans, people under the same booking are grouped in spacious rooms accommodating up to 5 people. 

- Triple Room: If you are a group of 3, 5, or more and do not select the single supplement, a triple room will be assigned. 

- One night will be in glamping, with one or more double beds depending on the number of travelers. -

 Hotel Names: Names listed on the site are indicative. In case of unavailability, an establishment of equivalent standard will be arranged.

Your transport:

- Car rental takes place in Naha, at the airport. It might be change in case of unavaibility.

- In Japan, most cars are automatic. 

- Costs related to gasoline and possible tolls are not included in the tour price.

- Almost the entire journey is by car, as the bus network is scarcely developed in Okinawa. 

- If your driving license was issued in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, or Taiwan, it is not valid in Japan, so you will need a certified Japanese translation, available as an option.

Cultural Escape to Okinawa island


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