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Newsletter October 2014

Japan Experience Newsletter of October 2014 Access to our newsletter of October 2014

Japan’s Fall Foliage: The Cherry Blossoms’ Better Half

Touched by the Tree Leaves

The beauty of the colors that adorn the trees in the fall is fleeting, and the Japanese have made a feast of contemplating the passage of time: momijigari, or hunting koyo, the changing leaves.

Autumn in the Japanese Metropolis
Who would have thought that the hectic Japanese capital is the ideal place to admire the changing leaves of fall?
Don't miss the splendeurs of Koyo in the parks and gardens of Tokyo with this selection of the best Koyo spots in 2014!

Kyoto and Its Colors
Is there a more beautiful setting than that of the ancient Japanese capital as its leaves turn to red and gold? With more trees than its successor, Tokyo, Kyoto has a a wide variety of spots to admire the kōyō: parks, gardens, and nearby forests, nature is present throughout the entire city.

Newsletter September 2014

Japan Experience Newsletter of September 2014 Access to our newsletter of September 2014

Your Inside Look at Japan

A New Site: Clearer, Simpler, and More Complete

Japan Experience has revealed its new website for online house reservations. With its accurate calendar and improved search bar, you can reserve a house in Kyoto or Tokyo, in a neighborhood that suits your travel, with two clicks.

The Travel Angels, Friends in Japan
Always ready with good advice, before your arrival and until after your departure, the Travel Angels are there for you.

Your Neighborhoods in Japan
To choose an area that will best suit you, our neighborhood guide videos are here to help.
They will give you a concrete visualization of the atmosphere as well as the activities around the area you have chosen.

Newsletter August 2014

Japan Experience Newsletter of August 2014 Access to our newsletter of August 2014

Your Budget Trip to Japan

Low Cost Tokyo

Priceless, the Japanese capital?
Not really, but in Tokyo, you can do anything without breaking the bank ... provided you know the right places.

Find Free Wifi in Japan
How can you check your email, social networks and your Japan Guide throughout the archipelago of Japan?
Free Wifi spots popping up around Japan will keep you connected during your travels.

Eat Cheaper in Japan
How can you fill up if you only have ¥1000 in your pocket?
Here's our advice on how to feast on Japanese food for cheap, from street food to supermarkets.

Newsletter July 2014

Japan Experience Newsletter of July 2014 Access to our newsletter of July 2014

Tokyo Fever!

The Beaches around Tokyo

To cool off and enjoy some time by the beach, there's no need to even leave the capital city of Japan.
Tokyo Bay has a lot to offer its summertime visitors...

Cruising in Tokyo
Dinner on a yakatabune is certainly one of the most unforgettable experiences to be had during a stay in Tokyo.
These restaurant boats, which take you across Tokyo Bay, where you can see Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge while sipping on saké, are the offspring of a tradition that dates back to the Edo Period.

Ueno Celebrates Summer
Although Ueno is known for its zoo and museum, it also houses one of the most diverse summer festivals: Ueno Natsu Matsuri.
From music and folk dances to antiques and giant water lilies, Ueno celebrates summers in its own way.

Newsletter June 2014

Japan Experience Newsletter of June 2014 Access to our newsletter of June 2014

Kyoto Al Fresco

Terraces in Kyoto

When summer comes, so do the kawayuka, terraces on stilts, popping up on the banks of the Kamo River. The Kamo River is not only the "river of ducks," as its literal translation might indicate, but also that of terraces: as soon as warm weather arrives in May, these open air spaces flourish on stilts along the banks of this river.

The Fire Flowers in the Capital
Hanabi, or "fire flowers," exploding in the sky, reflecting in the nighttime waters, under the gaze of a packed crowd.
Summer fireworks are an institution in Japan.

Biwa, Kyoto's Oasis
Just a stone's throw from Kyoto is the largest lake in all of Japan. To best enjoy this getaway, it's best to get as far away from Kyoto, to the lake's northern shores.

Newsletter April 2014

Japan Experience Newsletter of April 2014 Access to our newsletter of April 2014

A Japanese Summer

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Japan

Outshined by the cultural, historical or ultra-modern aspects of Japan, Japanese beaches are often neglected by travellers.
But Japan is an archipelago and that, of course, means beaches and swimming. Japan offers a wide range of beautiful beaches throughout its islands.

Enjoy the Best Summer Festivals in Japan
Japan is the land of festivals, or matsuri, as they are called. Authentic popular celebrations, matsuri will allow you to discover a lot of traditional Japanese costumes and customs.
Each season has its great events, but summer in particular has amazing festivals and unforgettable memories. Moreover, thanks to the great weather during in July and August, you will be able to fully enjoy these outdoor festivals day or night.

Japanese Summer Delicacies
Summer in Japan is hot-- really hot! While air conditioning inside offers a moment of respite, outside it's difficult to find a spot of shade. Fortunately, there are several Japanese sweets to bring a touch of fresh relief to your summer travels.

Newsletter March 2014

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of March 2014

Unexpected Japan

5 Tips to Avoid the Crowds   

Traveling these days can often be a stressful experience, filled with lines, crowds, and sold-out tickets.
To make your trip to Japan a perfect, complete, serene experience, we’ve compiled a few of our experts’ tips and tricks to avoid crowds.

Unusual Kyoto
Kyoto is a truly incredible city, and not just because of its ancient history residing in its old, wooden houses.
Simultaneously a historical relic and modern urban area built around famous universities, there’s much more to explore than what’s written in any guidebook!

Tokyo: A Bit of Green Amongst the Pavement 
The concrete jungle of Japan's capital city can be a little much sometimes, but it's easy to find refuge in a green oasis without leaving the city.

Newsletter February 2014

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of February 2014

Travel on Japanese railway's web from North to South

Regional Rail Passes in Japan    
Most visitors to Japan will have heard about the amazing value Japan Rail Pass but did you know that there are numerous other local passes?
You can use these if you are going to be travelling in just one area and they can save you money over buying single tickets in Japan. 

Tips to help you in Japanese Train Stationsra
There are a lot of signs, symbols and numbers in Japanese train stations, some you might not understand or can even confuse you. Do not worry! Have a look at our guide to door and carriage markings to help you easily get on board.

TOP 5 sakura views from train 
Train travel is one of the most efficient and comfortable ways of traveling through Japan.

Newsletter January 2014

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of January 2014

Spring is coming

Cherry tree secrets   
Many Japanese people head for their local parks and gardens to enjoy the cherry blossom, during hanami period.
Don't forget the plum blossom! They are the first blooms of spring and are also very beautiful.
Juste relax and enjoy learning about cherry blossom here! 

Lunching under the sakura
How can I celebrate and best enjoy Hanami Japanese-style?
Five ways to celebrate a perfect hanami with your friends and family.
Tested and approved by our staff!

Enjoy the plum blossoms   
Don't forget the plum blossom! They are the first blooms of spring and are also very beautiful.

Newsletter October 2013

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of October 2013

On the road of Japan

Choose Japan by Car    
A sense of freedom, a wealth of encounters, unexpected moments... The car offers new opportunitues for visitors to the archipelago.

A door opener to unique places
How could you get the best ryokan, the traditional Japanese inns, the rustic minka guesthouses, or any other charming accomodation without car?

The beautiful roads of Japan 
Take a leisurely drive through the rice fields and the pine forests. Wind your way between the mountains and along the valleys to the most remote spa towns...

Newsletter April 2013

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of April 2013

Japan in bloom

The secrets of the cherry trees 
A flood of petals and laughter that stream forth under the branches. Discover Hanami, the most famous celebration of the archipelago.

The green side of Tokyo
where to find a little peace in the heart of the concrete and steel jungle that is Tokyo ?

Do you know about Koi Nobori ?
Colorful carps floating in the wind... it is not an hallucination, but the children's day celebrated every May 5th in Japan.

Newsletter November 2012

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of November 2012

Tokyo Playground

Escapade to Ghibli Museum
To the west of Greater Tokyo, in the Kichijôji area of Mitaka, next to Inokashira park, the iconic Ghibli Museum (pronounced djibouli) proves to be both an unusual and magical outing for the whole family.

Tokyo for young explorers
Children and those who have remained children at heart, will be delighted by the capital where the greatest temples of Japanese pop culture are to be found.

The city of never ending fun
Tokyo provides teenagers and young adults with an endless choice of activities that are sure to delight them.

Newsletter August 2012

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of August 2012

By car, discover Japan differently

Renting a car in Japan is easy at last
Do not miss our new website specializing in car rental in Japan.

Motorways, parking, service stations, places to see... get to know everything about driving in Japan
Driving in Japan proves to be much easier than you think!

Quality cars  
Japan Experience has established a partnership with Nissan so that our travellers can enjoy the best car rental service in Japan.

Newsletter February 2012

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of February 2012

Spring is around the corner in Japan

The plum blossoms
When many of us are eager to enjoy the cherry blossoms, some know that plum blossoms, more discrete but nevertheless beautiful, are here to announce the much awaited spring.

The Hina Matsuri
Born in the 17th century, in the Edo period, the Hina Matsuri, also called "Girls' day", is celebrated within families. It's the time to wish health and happiness to the little girls of the family.

Celebrating the hanami
Hanami meaning "watching the flowers", it is easy to guess what is this famous Japanese celebration: the hanami.

Newsletter October 2011

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of October 2011

A snowy day in Japan

A trip to the Japanese Alps
Popular all year round for the spectacular landscapes and wild nature that they offer to travelers, the Japanese Alps take on a particular shine during winter.

Winter Onsen
When the cold sets in and the harshness of the winter freezes you to the bone, what can be better than slipping into a hot spring bath laced with healing properties?

The Sapporo Snow festival
Each year in the snowy city of Sapporo, 250 snow and ice sculptures rival in imagination for the enjoyment of the young and less young visitors.

Newsletter September 2011

vivrelejapon-octobre-2013 Access to our newsletter of September 2011

A souvenir from Kyoto

What to bring back from Kyoto  
Planning a visit to Kyoto? Enjoy our selection of nice shops to visit and regional handicraft to buy during your stay in the most traditional of Japanese cities.

Find anything you want
Stroll through an old shopping mall, get lost between the counters of a depachika, find a rare item at a Shinto Shrine's flea market...

Handicraft and traditions  
Traditional skills are still very much alive in Japan and especially in Kyoto.