Hiking on Tokyo sacred mountain at Mitake

Mount Mitake is a temple-mountain just a train ride from central Tokyo. With a local guide, enjoy a breath of fresh air, nature, and spirituality.

A sacred mountain overlooking Tokyo

Mount Mitake (御岳山, Mitakesan) in the Okutama area the westernmost part of Tokyo, is one of the many highlights of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. It is thought to have been a center of mountain worship for approximately 2000 years.The sacred Mitake Shrine, also known as Musashimitake-jinja Shrine, is located on top of the mountain and protects Tokyo.

Situated near the peak of Mount Mitake, it has long been revered as a holy mountain. These days, it is also a well-liked location known as a "Power Spot," where some believe it to possess healing or spiritual energy.

A well-liked hiking location in Tokyo

The mountain is a well-liked getaway from Tokyo because it can be accessed from the city center in less than two hours.In addition to the well-known shrine, Mount Mitake provides hiking options in essentially pristine wilderness. The sight of the far-off Tokyo skyline, moss-covered cliffs, and crystal-clear waterfalls is mesmerizing.

Numerous hiking routes lead to nearby peaks and valleys. 929 meters is the highest point on Mt. Mitake (also known as Mitake-san). A cable car makes the ascent easy. Additionally, Mount Otake, one of the Three Peaks of Okutama (Okutama Sanzan), rises to a height of 1267 meters, offering pleasant views of the neighboring mountains covered in forests on clear days.

Nature, history and spirituality

The so-called "Rock Garden," which is actually a small, forested valley with a charming stream, tons of stones covered in moss, and two neighboring waterfalls, is one of the most scenic locations. There are numerous housing options in the hamlet that cater to both pilgrims and regular tourists because Mount Mitake has been and continues to be a renowned pilgrimage site. Of these, the minshuku and shukubo temple lodges stand out. Meals are simple and traditional, with a focus on veggies that are procured locally.The mountain is also home to giant flying squirrels (musasabi) and has a diverse natural environment.

Start with visiting a small sake brewery

The tour begins with a stroll along the river and a detour to the Sawanoi sake distillery. With over 300 years of history, this sake distillery is located on the Tama River, with a vast garden overlooking the river, as well as an open area where you can relax and taste different types of sake, while immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Hiking for everyone

Children as young as six years old can participate in the tour. The three-hour hike has a medium difficulty level.Although some of the passages are rather steep, no advanced climbing equipment is needed. It is, nevertheless, advised to wear sturdy footwear.

There is a restaurant atop Mitake mountain where you can have food and drink after your climb. Alternately, pack a picnic meal for yourself and your familly and maybe a sheet or mat to sit on.

Access with the cable-car is included in the price.


Hiking on Tokyo sacred mountain at Mitake

$340 per group