On the road to Hida Takayama

Itinerary : Tokyo - Kawaguchiko - Hakone - Matsumoto - Hida Takayama

4 days starting at $ 361*

This itinerary, very popular with Japanese people, will take you through the Japanese Alps and allow you to discover charming places marked by History.

First Kawaguchiko, at the foot of Mount Fuji, this small vacation town on the banks of a lake of the same name, offers an incredible view of the mountain.
A stop at Hakone will allow you to enjoy, as well as its numerous onsen, a great view of the sacred mountain.
Then Matsumoto, home to one of the most beautiful castles in Japan. And the great Takayama, of the mountainous region of Hida, which has kept its oldy-worldy rural feel.


1st day: From Tokyo to Kawaguchiko


Journey time: 1h30 / about 105 km
Cost**: 2 500 yen

To get to Kawaguchiko, you will need to take the Chuo Expressway (In Japanese Chuo Jodhosha-do « 中央自動車道 »).
You can take this road from Tokyo from the Takaido Highway entrance.

Takaido is located about 7km east of Shinjuku. To get there, take the metropolitan highway (Shutoko) from the Nishi-Shinjuku junction.

After reaching Takaido (1h, 75km), you will get to the Otsuki intersection where the Chuo Highway divides into two roads. Follow the Kawaguchiko/Yamanokako direction. Drive for another 20 km to the Kawaguchiko exit.

After exiting the highway, you will follow the 139 road for a short time, in the direction of Fuji-Kawaguchiko/Fujisan, then, turn right. About 1 km later, you will arrive at Kawaguchiko station.

A road goes around the Kawaguchiko Lake. Don’t hesitate to take a drive around it, to enjoy the different views of Mount Fuji.


2nd day: From Kawaguchiko to Hakone


From Kawaguchiko, you can make a small detour to discover the famous thermal city of Hakone, .

  1. From the East side of Mount Fuji and Yamanaka Lake (route duration: 1h30)

This route will take you for about 20km along the side of Mount Fuji on the 138 road. You will reach Gotemba, one of the most famous access points for climbing Mount Fuji. The road 138 is parallel to the Higashi-Fuji-Goko road that goes along the Yananako Lake.
If you continue on the 138 road you will reach Hakone.

  1. Going around Mount Fuji and Saiko and Motosuko lakes (route duration: 2h30)

The road 139 (which constitutes, in addition to the road 138, the “Fuji Panorama line”) will take you from Kawaguchiko, around Mount Fuji, from the other side this time. It will allow you to discover the Saiko and Motosuko lakes from where you will be able to admire the view of Mount Fuji, just like on the 1,000 yen bill.

Going South, you will arrive in Fuji-shi city. Around the city, in Ofuchisasajo and Imamiya, are tea fields with Mount Fuji as the background. A must for keen photographers!

Once in Fuji-shi, take the Tomei Highway towards Tokyo, and about 20 km later take the Nuzamu exit in direction of Izu, Mishima. Hakone. From there you will reach the Road 1/Tokaido that will take you to Hakone.


Option return trip to Tokyo: From Hakone to Tokyo

Journey time: 1h40/ about 90km
Cost**: 1,800 yen.

From Hakone, take the National road 1/Tokaido, in the direction of Odawara. Don’t hesitate to stop in Odawara in order to visit its magnificent castle.

From Odawara, take the road 255 to Ooi Matsuda to reach the Tomei Highway (東名高速道路). This highway will take you to Tokyo in about 50km. At the Ooashi intersection near Shibuya you will be able to reach the Shutoko metropolitan expressway .


3rd day: From Kawaguchiko to Matsumoto


Journey time: 2h15 / about 165 km
Cost**: 3,900 yen

From Kawaguchiko, take the Chuo highway in the direction of the Otsuki intersection (about 20km), where you will take the road for Nagoya/Nagano.
You can also cut through the mountains North of Kawaguchiko with the National road 137 and link up with the Chuo Highway in Ichinomiyamisaka (一宮御坂).

About 110 km later you will arrive at the Okaya junction (岡谷) where the Chuo and Nagano Highways meet.

Before arriving in Okaya, you will go through the Kofu plain, with, to your right the Yatsugatake mountain range, and then the Suwako Lake.

In Okaya, change to the Nagano Highway, in the direction of Nagano/Matsumoto. About 25km after the junction you will get to the Matsumoto exit where you can take the 158 road for about 1km in order to reach the city.


4th day: From Matsumoto to Takayama


The road 158, or “Nomugi Kaido” (野麦街道), links Matsumoto to Takayama in 83 km and about 2h30.

This mountainous road that passes along lakes and dams, then climbs the mountains of the Northern Alps, is one of the most beautiful roads in Japan. The region is well known for its sobas, teahouses, and hiking routes that you can find along the way.

* Price for a P1 category car, pick up and drop off in the same agency (the return day is not included in this estimation)
** Toll fare

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