Discover Tokyo half day

Half Day Tokyo Discovery

Tokyo, a mosaic of cities and towns

The opinion of Japan Experience

The tiny streets of Asakusa, the most avant-garde stores in Harajuku, to Tsukiji market, a half-day will allow you to enter into the heart of one of these storied districts, and to discover them from a new angle, far removed from that of a tourist.

Your Travel Angel's plus

Visiting a particular neighborhood more in depth will allow you to stop and notice the small details, to take time to “observe daily life,” because that is what it most interesting to see in Tokyo: the everyday.


Tokyo is a metropolis, so large that the human mind cannot grasp its vastness. But the urban fabric can be divided into a multitude of small "towns" which each have their own special character.
The old town, full of history, or the modern city, crystallized with innovation; it’s up to you.


Decide on a meeting point with the person accompanying you.
Please note that the meals and entrance charges for yourself and your guide are not included.
Also please give in addition to the fee for the day, 500 yen ($4,45 / £3,36) to your guide that will help him cover the transportation during the day.
Above 4 participants, extra fees will be applied. Children are considered as a full participant.

Latest review

B. and B.
Mar 2019

Thanks again for the wonderful day in Tokyo and for the many good advice you gave us for the next days. We had a fantastic time and got around very good. The Hamarikuyu Garden was awesome and Asakusa was so much fun. Thanks forever. 

Meredith J.
Oct 2017

Thank you. Nikita was charming, we had a very pleasant time learning about Japanese culture and its history.