Shinobi, in the skin of a Ninja

The Ninja, from their ancient name 'Shinobi', captivate us with their ability to spy, sneak around like a shadow, and defeat their enemies by cunning. In the Iga Valley, where Japan's best Ninja were born, follow a Ninja training course in the middle of nature.

Akame Valley and the Iga-ryu ninja school

The remote wooded valley of Akame is just over an hour from Osaka-Namba station and about an hour and a half from Kyoto or Nagoya station.It contains five particularly spectacular waterfalls: Fudo, Senju, Nunobiki, Ninai and Biwa, which you can see by walking deep into the forest for about 3 hours.

But this valley has another particularity other than its magnificent waterfalls. Between the 15th and 18th centuries, it was the training ground for the ninja of Iga-ryu (Iga school, the most famous ninja school in Japan). At that time, as the power of the warriors in the Iga province was greater than that of the officials, the territory was divided between feudal lords, resulting in endless infighting. As a result of this constant atmosphere of warfare, the warriors of Iga developed special skills and tactics.

Train in Ninjutsu in the Ninja Forest

At the entrance to the valley, on the mountain slopes, is the "Ninja Forest", the training site of the ninja, or "Shinobi" by their original name. Here, the whole family can dress up in ninja costumes and train in the wilderness in all sorts of unbeatable techniques: shuriken throwing, wall climbing, tightrope walking, stealth techniques, etc... You will learn to walk and hide in trees like ninjas, fly from tree to tree, walk on water, fight an enemy in the dark, etc... At the end you will get a certificate, proving that espionage, infiltration and guerrilla warfare are no longer a secret for you. 

A family activity

More than ten ninja exercises await you in the Ninja Forest. For all ages from 4 years upwards.

A minimum of two participants is required to participate in the training session, which will be delivered by an English-speaking instructor. The price includes entrance to the Akame 48 Waterfalls park.

And if you really feel like a ninja, you can continue the tour of the waterfalls park in your costume.


Shinobi, in the skin of a Ninja

$24 per person