The Practical Guide by Japan Experience
Visiting Japan by car has never been so easy. From driving license translation to vehicle rental, GPS, Drivin' Assistance and practical advice, Japan Experience gives you all the keys to successfully completing your road trip and going where the train is not going.

Even though Japan has one of the most efficient rail networks in the world, some of its most attractive areas can best, or even only, be explored by car. In order to allow travelers to visit areas where trains do not go, Japan Experience provides a full range of services for driving in Japan, including all of the resources required to make your trip a successful one.

Japan Experience, in partnership with Nissan, rents out cars via more than 300 agencies located in strategic areas across the country. A wide range of quality vehicles which are adapted for comfortable travel on short excursions or long road trips. The additional good news is that a GPS option in English is available as well as SIM cards to stay connected. For anyone who happens to get lost or simply requires some assistance, the Drivin’ Assistance service provides help via telephone in Japan 7 days a week for any questions, advice or troubleshooting.

To rent a car in Japan, fill in our online form and receive confirmation within 48 hours. Your car will be waiting in the selected agency. Freedom is yours…

Finally you can explore our self-drive tours across Japan, from Tokyo to Fukuoka, going along country roads, mountain roads or along the coasts for periods of between 3 and 16 days.


Discover all our tips for parking, taking gas, driving on highways and using a GPS.


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