Cherry blossom forecast 2019

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Mt Fuji and cherry blossoms seen from Kawaguchiko

The sakura forecast for 2019

To better plan your itinerary and enjoy the best possible hanami, stay informed about the 2019 sakura flowering forecast! From the south to the north of the Japanese archipelago, flowering will begin at the end of March and end at the beginning of May.

In Japan, the appearance of the cherry blossoms, called sakura in Japanese, marks the beginning of spring, and they are eagerly awaited by the Japanese as well as visitors to Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Corporation announces their forecast for this wave of outbreaks each year. This year, they predict that the sakura flowers will bloom a little earlier than average. In Tokyo, they are expected to blossom on March 23, and in Kyoto on March 24.

Like every year (except for in Okinawa, where the trees blossom very early), it will be in Kochi, on Shikoku Island, that you can see the first cherry blossoms of the season. In 2019, the beginning of the flowering period is scheduled for March 17, with the first day of full bloom is March 25. For a successful hanami in Kochi, we recommend you visit the castle and its park.

Cherry blossoms by the riverside of Enakogawa, Takayama

From south to north of Japan, here are the predicted blooming dates for trees in some of the largest cities in Japan:

  • FUKUOKA - March 19th
  • HIROSHIMA - March 22
  • NAGOYA - March 22
  • TOKYO - March 23
  • KYOTO - March 24
  • OSAKA - March 26
  • KAGOSHIMA - March 28
  • KANAZAWA - April 2
  • AOMORI - April 24
  • SAPPORO - May 4

But be warned, the flowering times vary every year, and it completely depends on the weather. A particularly cold, hot, or rainy spell can impact the flowering period, affecting when the flowers bloom and for how long.

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