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Takayama is famous for being an area most skilled in woodwork. Though this small town is surrounded by mountains, it did not stop it from spreading its reputation. During the Edo Period Takayama was controlled by the shogun, whom of which managed to generate fortune for the city. Currently in the heart of Takayama is a preserved merchant street that continues to sell its beautiful crafts.
Inside this small village is a blossoming culture and gorgeous views to see. It will definitely surprise and charm you once you visit.  

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Koba will not only guide you down the streets of Takayama, but also give you the knowledge to discover the region yourself, so that you can make the most of your trip.


The half day includes the following experiences in Takayama:

Take a nice stroll down one of the morning markets to see all the local fruits and vegetables. If you wish to purchase something to try and cook yourself, your guide would be more than happy to give you some suggestions, and even preparation tips.

Afterwards, Koba can guide you to the merchant town and show you some of the magnificent crafts made by the locals, and even indulge in a bit of souvenir shopping, as well as taste sake from the local Harada Sake Brewery.
If you wish to see something else, why not ask Koba to show you the traditional house of Kusakabe, or anywhere else that takes your interest. 

Finally, Koba will take you back to your accommodation, and even recommend a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner should you be planning to eat out.

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The day can start wherever you would like, near the train station, your hotel, or in the town center. Koba will contact you several days before the tour by email or phone to decide on the meeting spot and a start time that is convenient for you. You are of course invited to ask as many questions as you would like regarding any activities and locations that interest you. 

Tour available in French and English