For all train times to and from Takayama, check the website

From Tokyo:

  • Take the Shinkansen to Nagoya (1h45) then the Hida Limited Express train to Takayama (2h35)
  • Cost: 14,410 yen ($128 / £103)
  • Duration: 4h45

From Kyoto:

  • Take the Shinkansen to Nagoya (35 min) then the Hida Limited Express train to Takayama (2h35)
  • Cost: 9,660 yen ($86 / £69)
  • Duration: 3h10

From Kanazawa:

  • Take the Shinkansen to Toyama (20 min) then the Hida Limited Express train to Takayama (1h25)
  • Cost: 6,250 ($56 / £45)
  • Duration: 1h45


If you arrive by car, you may have a SAT-NAV. In this case, you just have to enter the address of the house provided on the information sheet.
Your Travel Angel can also give you a telephone number of a company near the house enabling you to easily programme in the destination.
Finally, do not hesitate to call your Travel Angel as you approach Takayama if you need to alter your appointment.


As our houses are all located at different addresses, an appointment with your Travel Angel is important to make sure your arrival at the house goes smoothly. One month before your arrival, Japan Experience will send you an email which confirms your stay, and asks you to send us the details of your arrival (plane, train, car...).

Our welcome schedules are generally between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.; arrivals at a different times are possible depending on the availability of our Travel Angels.

Depending on your estimated time of arrival, one of our Travel Angels will contact you a few days before and send you their details (email, mobile phone number) in order to finalise the exact appointment time.   



To help you prepare for your stay in one of our houses, here we have listed the most useful information, according to our thousands of travelers.

What is included in the rental of your house:

  • The free availability of appliances, and the Internet connection.
  • Slippers and umbrellas.
  • Consumable products for the kitchen (salt, pepper, oil, soya sauce…), the bathroom (shower gel, shampoo), as well as household cleaning products (washing powder, washing-up liquid).

Items not to be forgotten

  • Have sufficient cash prior to arrival in Japan so as not be limited by the withdrawal limit imposed by Japanese ATMs.
  • 'A' type socket adapters.
  • Comfortable and easily to remove shoes because you will have to take your shoes off several times throughout your stay at our houses and during your visits. Clean socks are a sign of courtesy.
  • A pharmacy kit, to avoid mimicking your ailments in the pharmacy.
  • A small sponge handkerchief for drying your hands after each purification when entering sanctuaries and temples.
  • Please note that only 3G and newer 4G mobile phones are compatible with Japanese telecommunications networks. Any models not equipped with this technology will not work. Also, depending on your phone's contract, you will have to contact your provider in order to have Japan's network enabled. This setting is sometimes automatically turned off in order to prevent high roaming bills.   


  • The Travel Angel's welcome upon your arrival, assistance during your stay, and the handover of the keys on your departure day.
  • The laundry costs (bedlinen and bathroom towels) are not included in the price and will be requested by your Travel Angel upon arrival.
  • The costs of activities which you have signed up for.
  • Holidaymakers not wishing to do the end of stay cleaning may choose the "cleaning service" option ranging from 2 000 yen to 5 000 yen depending on the size of the house.