What exactly is included in the car insurance cover provided?

When you rent a car with Japan Experience and Nissan rent-a-car, you are automatically covered in the event of an accident. Please find below the details of your cover.


Third party bodily injury cover is unlimited and includes mandatory third party automobile liability insurance up 30 million yen.

You are also covered up to 20 million yen per accident for property damage and up to the market value of the vehicle for damage to the vehicle.

You are also covered for up to 30 million yen for personal bodily injury.

The Zero Deductible Plan

When booking a car with us, you benefit from the Zero Deductible Plan, for which the deductibles (policy excess) applicable to property damage and own vehicle damage will be waived.

For the full details of the cover provided, please consult the Nissan rent-a-car document.

Circumstances where insurance does not apply

  1. If the accident is not declared to the police or to a Nissan branch
  2. The hirers have contravened the rental contract
  3. The case does not fall under the conditions for insurance cover (e.g.: damage to the driver’s posessions, tire damage, loss of hub cap, intentional damage etc....)
  4. Damage due to negligence on the part of the lessee (theft of a vehicle not having been locked by key, damage to a car having been driven along roads not suitable for motorised vehicles such as coast roads or alongside rivers etc.)

The « Non-Operation Charge » (NOC)

In Japan, drivers are used to paying great attention to their vehicles, and you will see very few damaged cars in the streets. Importance attached to dents and scratches is much greater in Japan than in the majority of countries. This is why the Japanese have the habit of handing back vehicles in an immaculate and impeccable state, and that rental branches thus envisage and insist on a safety clause so as to incite drivers to pay more attention.

The « Non-Operational Charge » (NOC) applies if the car is handed back in a state requiring repair or cleaning by reason of misuse on the part of the lessee, as compensation for the time period during which the car is unusable.

  • If the car is handed back to the branch: 20,000 yen
  • If the car has not been able to be handed back to the branch (due to its not working) : 50,000 yen

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