Rental conditions

What does the rental price include?

At the time of your reservation request on our site, we give you a quote. What are the elements included in the rental amount?

  1. The amount of the vehicle rental: it is calculated in terms of vehicle category and period of use, in accordance with a degressive rate of charge.

  2. The obligatory insurance costs 1,000 yen per day.

  3. The consumer tax represents 8% of the total amount.

  4. If you return the car to an agency other than that from where you originally rented it, a repatriation fee is added to the rental price.

  5. The options you will have chosen: some will have a daily charge, others will have a single one-off charge per rental.

  6. Unlimited mileage.



What documents will you need to provide when picking up your car from the branch?

When you go to take the vehicle from the branch please be sure you have:

  • Your reservation confirmation showing your reservation number and your name

  • Your international driving licence/ the translation of your driving licence in Japanese along with the original

  • Your passport

  • Credit card with which you are to settle your account/the amount to be paid in cash


What happens if I return the car earlier/later than the time originally envisaged?

If that were to be the case, let the branch in question know in advance, or call us so that we can inform them.

If you hand the car back later or earlier, the difference in the rental amount will be adjusted on the credit card you have used or in cash, according to your payment method.


Can you return the car outside branch opening times?


No, this is not possible. It is necessary to return the car back during branch opening times.
Only branches situated in airports can offer out of hours solutions, which may suit you in terms of the time of arrival and departure of your flight, but this request must be made in advance.
Please be aware that only certain large branches such as Tokyo railway station are open 24 hours a day.


Can you return the car to a branch different from the one you originally took it from?

Yes, it is possible to return the car to a different branch from the one you picked it up from.

Note that, in such an event, it may be necessary to pay an extra charge for the repatriation of the car and such costs are often high in Japan (returning the car back to another location is not common).

The amount of the repatriation costs are calculated on the basis of the distance between the two branches. Please note that it is not possible to take a car on one island and return it to another (Example: taking a car to Hokkaido and returning it to Honshu is not possible).


What are the rental conditions if children are involved?

If you are travelling with children, be aware that Japanese law requires that a child seat be used for children under six years of age. This is why the child seat option is obligatory if you are travelling with a child under six years of age.

In the options, you can find 3 types of car seat, to be selected in terms of the age and size of your child: a baby seat for those less than 12 months old; a child seat for those aged between 12 months and 4 years; and a junior seat for those aged between 3 and 11 years.

Furthermore, please be aware that motorways and other roads have  numerous rest areas and toilets (generally very clean), allowing for lots of toilet breaks.


Do reductions apply for long-term rentals?

Nissan Rent-a-car offers reductions for rentals over 3 weeks.
Reductions depend on the agency and the length of the rental.

How to benefit from a reduction?

You can place an order on our website or contact us for further details. We will get back to you with the reductions that are available.


What is the cancellation policy?

  • Cancellation is free of charge anytime before 24hrs prior to the pick up.
  • 100% of cancellation fee is charged if you cancel within 24hrs of the pick up and in case of no-show.
  • Changes of rental conditions are possible anytime before 24hrs of your pick up.
  • Changes of rental conditions are not possible within 24hrs of the pick up.

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