Kyushu Onsen Retreat

Embark on a journey to discover the island of Kyushu and its best onsen (hot springs), for an unforgettable and revitalising experience. 

Visits to typical small villages, relaxation in unique onsen and Japanese-style comfort all come together in a package that combines moments of serenity with astonishing discoveries

Whether you are a lover of hot springs or a traveler looking for moments of leisure, a couple or a family, enjoy an itinerary carefully designed by the Japan Experience teams for an unforgettable trip to Japan.

5 days / 4 nights itinerary by car throughout Kyushu and its onsen

  • Departure city : Fukuoka
  • Hita
  • Taketa
  • Beppu
  • Return city : Osaka

Please find detailed itinerary information below. 

IMPORTANT: If your driving license was issued in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, or Taiwan, it is not valid in Japan, so you will need a certified Japanese translation, available in option.

Why choose this excursion to Japan ? 

  1. Discover unique onsen in the heart of Kyushu
  2. Relax in natural hot springs. 
  3. Explore small villages and get a taste of the Japanese countryside
  4. Magnificent scenery along the way.
  5. Many recommendations available in your digital travel guidebook.

Your excursion in detail


  • Day 1 : First steps in Kyushu

    Pick up your hire car in Fukuoka and set off for the first stop on your tour. 

    Famous for its eel dishes and the quality of its water, sake distilleries and soy sauce manufacturers have established themselves here. 

    Don't miss out on a tour of the local produce shops, artisan shops and a visit to a sake distillery: an ideal day out for lovers of Japanese cuisine

    Extend your tour and explore a historic building offering breathtaking views over the whole city or a manufacturer of geta, traditional Japanese shoes worn by geishas for instance. 

    After a long day, enjoy a well-deserved meal and head back to your hotel, where an exceptional onsen awaits you.

  • Day 2 : On the way to Onsen towns

    After a hearty breakfast at your hotel and a short drive, you'll reach a gigantic thousand-year-old ginkgo tree, then a little further on, magnificent waterfalls in the middle of a forest. 

    On the way to your first onsen of the day, stop off at a tofu maker renowned throughout the region for the flavour of his products. Then enjoy an invigorating break in an onsen located in the heart of a spa village

    After a moment of relaxation, plunge into the heart of nature and observe the cultivation of shiitake mushrooms. 

    Take a short break in a charming, picturesque village before heading back to your hotel. Enjoy the thermal springs for the best possible rest!

  • Day 3 : Discovering Kyushu's unique onsen

    On the morning of the third day, you'll ride to a observatory deck where you'll be treated to a spectacular view of the mountains. 

    After a short break in a local rest house, it's time to relish in the nearby hot springs. Once you're well rested, continue your adventure and take to the road to an open-air theatre where great shows are held from time to time. 

    During the day, you can experience two unique onsen : the first has a high sulfur content and the second has a carbon-rich spring where the water is naturally sparkling. 

    A vineyard where volcanic wine is produced and a European-style farm are ideal places to take a break before entering the hot springs. 

    Take the road towards Beppu, where you will stop for the night.

  • Day 4 : The city with 3000 onsen

    The final day begins with a visit to the town of Beppu, famous for its hot springs.

    On the menu : a visit to the 7 Hells of Beppu, with their characteristic colours, to a bamboo product manufacturer, among others. 

    We suggest you spend this half-day with a local guide, available as an optional extra.

    To round off this adventure in style, take a tour of the town's best onsen. Bathing with a panoramic view, herbal baths or open-air baths, you're bound to find what you're looking for in one of the city's 3,000 onsen

    Once you've finished your trip, it's time to return your vehicle to the rental agency on the harbour and board a ferry to Osaka, just a short walk away. 

    You'll have dinner and spend the night on the ferry, arriving in Osaka the following morning.

  • Day 5 : Cruise to Osaka city

    After an overnight stay on board the ferry, you disembark in Osaka, Japan's third-largest city and a hub of culture, history and modernity.

    Included in your self-guided excursion

  • Accommodation

    - 3 nights in 3-star hotels or equivalent 

    - 1 night on board the ferry from Beppu to Osaka 

    The base rate includes a twin room.

  • Transportation

    - 4-day car rental starting from Fukuoka 

    - Ferry ticket from Beppu to Osaka 

  • Visit & meals

    - All breakfasts are included

    - Dinner at your hotel is included on day 1 and day 2


    Other services

  • Other services

    - 7/7 telephone assistance in English and Japanese bilingual

    - Complete digital travel diary before your departure

  • Not included in the price of your excursion

    - Optional insurance 

    - Personal expenses, including lunches (you will find addresses selected by us in your travel pack) 

    - Entrance fees to museums, gardens or temples 

    - Access to internet (Pocket WiFi or SIM card) 

    - Everything not included in the "Included in your excursion" section

More information about your trip

Your excursion:

- Please note that at least one person taking part in the trip must have a driving licence valid in their country.

- The prices shown on this page may vary according to the Japanese ¥ exchange rate. 

- Unfortunately, this tour is not accessible to people with reduced mobility. 

- Children aged 3 and over are accepted. Child rates available for children ages 3 to 11 included.

- Pets are not accepted. 

- This program may be subject to changes due to imperatives such as weather conditions or other force majeure events. Please note that due to the current situation, all mentioned information is subject to change or adaptation. 

- In order to benefit from an internet connection, book a pocket wifi or SIM card with Japan Experience. 

- This tour must be booked at least 45 days before the start date of the tour. 

- Your travel documents will be sent to you by email before your departure.

Your accommodation:

- Some hotels may ask you to pay a tourist tax on arrival. This depends on the town and even the hotel, as some do not include it in the cost of the reservation. It generally amounts to ¥200/night/person (about €1.60) but may be a little higher in 4-star hotels. It must be paid in cash at the hotel reception. 

- Single room: People travelling alone and/or wishing to book a single room must pay a supplement at the time of booking. Please note that a single room supplement for an order of more than 2 people will be applied in all accommodation except ryokans (3 and 4*). As this is traditional accommodation, people with the same reservation are grouped together in spacious rooms that can accommodate up to 5 people. 

- 3-person room: If there are 3, 5 or more of you and you do not select the single supplement, you will be allocated a triple room. 

- Hotel names: The names given on the site are for information only. In the event of unavailability, an establishment of equivalent standing will be scheduled. 

- In the ryokan, you will sleep on comfortable futons placed on the tatami mat. The room has a private washbasin and WC. As is customary in Japanese ryokan, the onsen bathroom is shared (not mixed) unless you take the "private bathroom in the room" option.

Your transport:

- Car rental takes place in Fukuoka, near Hakata Station. The car will be returned in Beppu, near the port. Both locations might change in the event of unavailability.

- In Japan, most cars are automatic. 

- Costs related to gasoline and possible tolls are not included in the tour price. 

- If your driving license was issued in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, or Taiwan, it is not valid in Japan, so you will need a certified Japanese translation, available as an option.

Your meals:

- All breakfasts are included. 

- Dinner at your hotel is included on day 1 and day 2. 

- Dinner on the ferry is possible but not included 

- For other meals, you will also find addresses selected by us in your travel diary

Kyushu Onsen Retreat


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