Aizuchi: the art of conversation in Japanese 相槌

The art of listening to others


Getting someone's attention during a conversation takes skill... Aizuchi is a small interjection that the Japanese use in all their conversations, these interjections are fundamental to the Japanese language!



This notion of consideration, the expression "aizuchi " derives from the world to forgive.

Originally designating the noise of the hammers of the blacksmith and his apprentice, the "aizuchi " refers to the sound exchange that takes place in the workshop. The speaker thus leads the conversation and the interlocutor emits a sound just after the latter to mark his presence in the image of the apprentice who repeats the movements of his master just after the blacksmith has struck the iron of his hammer.


Forgeron en plein travail

The expression "aizuchi" comes from the sound exchange that takes place in the blacksmith's workshop.


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