Understanding Japan

  • Published on : 05/10/2014
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Understanding Japan

Hachiman-gu Tsurugaoku

The differences between temples and shrines

Shinto altars in Buddhist temples, Buddhist statues in Shinto shrines, the places of worship of the two great religions in Japan are sometimes mixed.

Blood groups

Blood type in Japan

The question "What's your blood type?" inevitably comes up in conversation with the Japanese. Be careful, this question is important!

France to Tokyo

Paris and Tokyo are twinned, but it's like: the Japanese capital does not hide his love for France.

The Ainu were only recognized as an ethnic minority in 1997.

The Ainu of Japan

Indigenous people of northern Japan, the Ainu have long suffered from Japanese expansionism before getting, belatedly, the right to protect and promote their culture.

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