Coin lockers コインロッカー

Keyless coin lockers in Japan

The best way to travel light in Japan

In Japan, automatic lockers, called coin lockers, are everywhere and commonly used. Here's a short guide on how to use this Japanese service - it's very convenient to store your luggage during a trip!

Why use a coin locker?

These lockers can be of great use during a trip to Japan, where you can end up travelling with quite a bit of luggage.

For example, if you check out of a hotel in the morning, with an onward journey (or flight home) planned for the evening, it's extremely convenient to be able to leave your bags somewhere during the day, letting you explore the city without being saddled with heavy luggage all day.

Similarly, if you go on a day trip somewhere, consider storing what you don't need to take with you in a locker.

Coin lockers come in various sizes

How to use a coin locker

Using a coin locker is a breeze. The price of the chosen locker will always be indicated on it. For the oldest coin lockers, simply place your belongings in it, insert the coins (only 100 yen coins) in the slot provided, close the door, and turn and remove the key, which you have to keep with you.

The more modern coin lockers work a little differently: everything is done via a touch screen situated in the middle of the lockers. The interface is available in English, so just follow the instructions.

Coin lockers with keys

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