Matsue Station Sanin Line 松江駅 島根県

Matsue stn

Matsue Station entrance in Shimane.

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JR Matsue Station in Matsue in Shimane Prefecture is a main point of access for visitors to the city. JR Matsue Station is on the Sanin Line.

Station Facilities

The tourist information is in a booth just outside the main station entrance. In addition, there are a number of hotels close to the station including the two star Matsue Plaza Hotel, which is very close by and the Toyoko Inn Matsue Ekimae. The station concourse has a bank of coin lockers and the station also has a left luggage facility. The newly-remodeled interior includes a branch of Starbucks and Jupiter - a foreign food import shop. Buses from the station run out to Shichirui for the ferry service to the Oki Islands. The overnight highway bus from Nagoya to Izumo also stops at Matsue.

Tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center outside the station

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